Addressing the West Virginia Teacher Shortage

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Proximity Learning uses its Enriched Live Instruction Model (ELIM) to make sure that students in your district are getting that best instruction possible. The goal of ELIM is to stimulate a classroom environment through ALWAYS live instruction from a teacher via streaming video.

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We livestream our certified virtual teachers right into your district classroom. Your dedicated team works with your district to fit with your school’s bell schedule and other needs.

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Our partnership directors are past superintendents, principals and teachers who understand the harm that long-term vacancies can have on students.

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Certified Teachers in West Virginia

West Virginia educators looking to teach online can teach in our partner schools across the country over livestreamed video. If you have a standard or professional license in West Virginia, Proximity Learning can support you through the license reciprocity process to work in states where this is required.

Proximity Learning teachers can improve their use and understanding of technology, test their creativity, and live as digital nomads through virtual teaching.

Proximity Learning teachers are not only certified, background checked, and experienced, but they're also dynamic, engaging, and caring. Learn more about our online teaching jobs in West Virginia.

Teacher shortage in West Virginia

West Virginia needs skilled, certified teachers to teach its students. Researchers from West Virginia University have found, "There are not simply 700 or more empty classrooms in schools around the Mountain State at any given moment during the school year.”

The problems include under-qualified short-term subs, long-term substitutes, retired former teachers filling in a role and teachers forced to teach a subject they didn’t specialize in. A 35% drop in enrollment in teacher certification classes has caused a grim future for the West Virginia teacher shortage. Ultimately, the most recent teacher shortage report shows 1,500 teacher vacancies plus 1,210 underqualified teachers in West Virginia during the 2021-22 school year.

Teacher Shortage reports claim, "Based on news and state reports, we estimate that there are at least 55,000 vacant teacher positions in the United States."

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We offer a suite of services that mirror in-person instruction, covering standard classes, tutoring, and summer school in nearly every subject you need.

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Never have another teacher vacancy. Use our livestreamed certified teachers to ensure that when you can't find a teacher, we will place a cutting-edge certified educator into your classroom.


Certified, qualified teachers in the subjects you need. For teacher vacancies or expanding course offerings.

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Start offering typically hard-to-staff specialty courses to your students that want them.

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