Teacher Shortage may loom in Iowa

The Learning Policy Institute released a study in September 2016 reporting a 35 percent decline in enrollment for teacher-preparation programs nationwide, with each individual state declining in the number of teachers.

On Jan. 11, the Iowa Department of Education predicted that Iowa should expect a drastic teacher shortage in several parts of the state, according to the Des Moines Register. Iowa has had a 16 percent decline since 2013.


Online Education: Synchronous vs. Asynchronous

There are many different types of eLearning such as live webinars, training courses administered via an LMS, instructor-led training (ILT), etc. These various types can be broken down into two overarching categories: synchronous eLearning and asynchronous eLearning. Each has its pros and cons, but in the great debate of synchronous vs. asynchronous eLearning, which is best?

Let’s start off with what each means…


America has a Teacher Shortage

The shortfall is a result of increased demand for teachers as schools reinstate classes and programs axed during the Great Recession. It has been compounded by a dramatic decrease in the supply of new teachers entering the profession. Enrollment in teacher-preparation programs dropped from 691,000 in 2009 to 451,000 in 2014, a 35 percent decline, according to the study, “A Coming Crisis in Teaching? Teacher Supply, Demand and Shortages in the U.S.”