Virtual K-12 Instruction

The classic classroom model, taught synchronously.

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Proximity Learning connects districts with great teachers

  • We help you fill open positions with qualified, certified teachers

  • We empower you to add specialty courses to your offerings

Making teacher vacancies a thing of the past

  • Access teachers living all over the country - not just within commuting distance

  • Greater access means higher quality certified teachers to make a greater impact

courses your students want

We also expand access to specialty courses

  • Your students have been asking for specialty course offerings like CTE courses and Advanced Placements 
- Proximity Learning can provide what they’re looking for, one class period at a time.

Collaborative Synergy

Students, Teacher, and Facilitator Unite for an Engaging Learning Journey

Your students plus our teacher and facilitator work together to create an effective and fun learning environment. Learn more by selecting someone above.

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Cutting edge pedagogy

Powered by the best virtual teachers and most popular platforms

Students everywhere deserve the most interactive, dynamic, and effective education possible. Proximity Learning teachers are trained to take full advantage of the cutting-edge digital tools at their disposal to help make that happen.

100% live interactivity over multiple platforms is the core reason that Proximity Learning teachers are so impactful. They aren’t just talking heads on a screen — they prioritize engagement and effectiveness.

Training units include utilizing interactive education platforms like Kahoot and Nearpod, refining their communication skills.

More courses, less frustration

Every school wishes they could offer more courses. However, if you can't find a qualified teacher that fits your budget and qualification needs, there's not much you can do.

You can partner with us to offer specialty classes on a period-by-period basis. We make AP courses like Bio, U.S. History, and Statistics available to your students. We even do CTE courses like Culinary Arts and Entrepreneurship.

Comprehensive support, every step of the way

We know technology can be complicated. That's why our support team is here for every stakeholder — you, the teacher, the facilitator, students, and their parents — to ensure they're prepared for class and supported in their learning journey.

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Making an impact for 14+ Years

Tailored to your district

Our content meets your district's scope and sequence and we differentiate instruction according to your IEPs and 504s.

Whether your class is on an A/B, Block, every-other-day, or any other schedule you can think of, Proximity Learning works within your needs. We also follow your exact bell schedule - ensuring that joining a Proximity Learning class is seamless for your students.

Dynamic, certified teachers, engaging technology, supportive facilitators, and top-tier course materials create a classroom experience that sets your students up for success.

The Teachers You Need, The Experience Your Students Deserve.

Proximity Learning classrooms combine experience, quality, and technology to create an experience that engages students and builds educational equity. Take a look for yourself:

Ready To Learn More?

Whether you have a question about our solutions or are interested in our services, don't hesitate to reach out to us here. We’ll get back to you as soon as possible.