The Teacher Vacancy Problem

Teacher demand exceeded supply for grades K-12 in US public schools by more than 100,000 in 2019 - thousands per state. The problem is only expected to get bigger, especially post-pandemic. It’s harder for districts everywhere to find great teachers, requiring them to look for creative solutions that positively impact their students.
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How We Solve Teacher Vacancies

Proximity Learning makes it easy to place a certified teacher in front of your students. Our teachers are based all over the country and use our systems to instruct your students over livestreamed video. They can even teach in multiple schools within your district on the same day, helping increase equity among your students.

When your district has access to teachers all over the country instead of just within commuting distance, your teacher vacancy problem gets much easier to handle and your students benefit from greater educational equity. It’s the future of teaching; partner with us to be on the forefront.

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Increasing Equity Across the Country
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