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Driven by our core values and working every day to ensure educational equity for students everywhere.

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Meet the founder

Evan Erdberg

Evan Erdberg, a pioneer in online education, revolutionized K-12 learning by introducing virtual teacher staffing through Proximity Learning Inc. (PLI), which he founded and leads. His work ensures that students nationwide have access to quality education, addressing the teacher shortage with thousands of qualified educators in over 100 districts. With a background in educational technology and a focus on improving education quality, Evan's vision and leadership have significantly impacted educational outcomes by merging technology with traditional teaching methods.

People Need People.
Students Need Great Teachers.


Innovating New Ways To Impact Students.

In the late 00’s, when video calls started to gain popularity, we saw its potential for being used as a method of instruction. The benefits were inarguable—classes previously conducted through asynchronous message boards and recorded video could transform to include eye contact, facial expressions, and dynamic interactions - the most important aspects of live instruction.

As the teacher vacancy crisis began to unfold in the 2010’s, we found our purpose - it was now possible to connect a certified teacher in one part of the country to students in another part of the country. Immediately, schools had access to certified teachers everywhere, not just in their immediate vicinity. Students in those districts were given greater educational equity by gaining access to those teachers.

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Passionate About
Increasing Equity

Every individual on Proximity Learning’s team is driven by our mission—to connect all learners with the expert teachers they deserve. By connecting students with expert teachers, we increase educational equity, meaning that every child receives what they need to develop to their potential.

Our corporate team comes from all over the education space, many with direct experience either teaching or administrating in public schools. Backgrounds also include higher education, education technology companies, staffing organizations, and more.

All Proximity Learning teachers bring a passion for impacting the next generation, too. They teach with us to reach more students that need access to certified teachers and pass on the passion they have for the subjects they teach. Our team's passion brings new ways to make a positive impact through increased educational equity.


Built On A Foundation Of Integrity

As an organization, we want to be as empowering, transparent, and honest as possible. It makes for better relationships with our clients, happier employees, and greater progress made when connecting students everywhere with certified teachers.

We strongly believe that our people can only be the best version of themselves when they are empowered by those surrounding them and gain full insight into decisions that may impact them. That goes doubly for our teachers - they gain access to a support network that empowers them to thrive and fully devote themselves to making an impact.

Our mission and core values were created collectively by a group of employees representing every level of seniority and every team within the company. We’re proud that, as an organization, we are guided by what drives our people to make an impact on the education world.

Meet Our Senior Team


Vice President | Operations

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Dr. Michael Robinson

VP | Strategy

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Evan Erdberg

President | Proximity Learning

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Daryl Chesley

Director | Innovation

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Danielle Erdberg

Vice President | Product

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Joseph Mouhanna

Director | Technology

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John Rollack

Director | Human Resources

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Annette Logsdon-Rodriguez

Director | School Partnerships

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David Cardona

Director | Marketing

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Myken Caviness

Vice President | Customer Success

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Kip Pygman

Director | Virtual Schools

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