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The Story of Proximity Learning Inc. Founding:

Proximity Learning Inc. (PLI) was created out of the belief that all students deserve educational equality through access to the best teachers in the country no matter where they live or what financial situation they are brought up in. Education is the one thing all children have access to in American that can mean a life of success and happiness. Ensuring there is a master teacher in front of them to guide them on this instructional journey is the most important part of K-12 education.

Our founders used to work with schools and principals to observe teachers and mentor them. They started to see a disturbing trend, more and more classrooms around the country had long term subs or emergency certified teachers with little to no teaching experience. As they discussed this with the school principal they found out the school had no teachers apply for the positions or when the district placed a teacher in their school they would quit or leave for a neighboring district. When they dove into the academic data from these students with the principals they saw students in these classrooms had a much high fail rate of around 80% as compared to neighboring classrooms that had teachers. Basically, it was the luck of the draw for students in these schools, if they got placed with a teacher they had a chance to succeed. There had to be a better way to improve educational equity.

Proximity Learning was born out of this challenge in securing quality teachers and improving student outcomes. The founders asked the question; how can we connect the 15 million teachers not in classrooms with the students that need them without requiring them to move to the district? The answer was streaming them live through online video delivery services into the classrooms to lead instruction! All the school needed was a computing device and headphones for each student. A solution to the teacher vacancy crisis was created! Students no matter where they lived were now able to get access to the best teachers in the country and school districts were not handcuffed anymore by a lack of teacher applications.  

Our Vision

To become the premier provider of K-12 Virtual Education by connecting students with quality teachers in a digital environment.


Our Mission

Providing exposure and opportunities for students to access a highly-qualified teacher that will engage them using rigorous curriculum to become successful citizens of the world. 



PLI is proud to hold our curriculum to the highest standards, therefore we have gone through the proper accrediting channels so you don’t have to worry.


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