Live Virtual
High-Dosage Tutoring

Increase Student Achievement with
Live Virtual High-Dosage Tutoring
Tutoring increases student achievementthat’s a fact. A recent study by the Poverty Action Lab found that tutoring increases student achievement by 3 to 15 months of learning across all grade levels.
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Gain Interactive and Hands-On Instruction from Certified Teachers

Proximity Learning offers synchronous virtual tutoring across all core subjects. Our certified teachers lead highly interactive sessions that encourage, empower, and provide effective academic support for learners of all ages and stages.

Design a Program with the Flexibility You Need

Our highly customizable offerings can take place whenever you want—during school, after school, on weekends—and guarantees that your students will have access to a live instructor that is highly trained with the skill sets needed to get them on track.

We customize the frequency of sessions to your needs and the needs of the students and can easily adapt as needs change.
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Ensure Instructional Development and Student Growth

Our tutors provide instruction with a level of clarity and guidance that enables students to achieve their goals and closes the academic achievement gaps. To ensure this, we  deploy pre- and post-assessments that measure growth and inform instruction development.

Formal and informal assessments are leveraged to monitor progress and address a re-teaching strategy for every student.
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Endorsed by Stanford University's
National Student Support Accelerator

Our tutoring programs are endorsed by the NSSA's Tutoring Quality Improvement System, helping to ensure students everywhere have access to an effective tutor that champions and ensures their learning and success.

Built on our Essential Pillars of Effective Learning

Interactive Instruction
Customizable Curriculum
Dependable Support Systems
Qualified Teachers
Learn more about our unique and proven approach to tutoring with our Guide to The Pillars of Effective Tutoring.

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