Live Virtual Summer School

Reduce Learning Loss with Synchronous Summer School and Tutoring
Every school year is its own expedition. In Proximity Learning Summer School, Base Campers lay their academic foundations, Switchbackers navigate the challenging curves, and Summit Seekers aim for the pinnacle. Through synchronous instruction, we provide the compass, guiding every student up to peak achievement.

Hands-On Summer Instruction from Certified Teachers

Our synchronous summer programs offer live, online instruction from certified teachers. Our teachers lead highly interactive sessions that provide effective academic support for for learners, no matter where they are on their learning expedition.

Reach greater heights

Our summer school offerings excel in delivering superior outcomes in both Student Achievement and District Performance.

The Right Trail For Every Journey

Whether your district's focus is Credit Recovery for underserved communities or Academic Enrichment, Proximity Learning tailors its livestreamed programs to your needs.

Boost Curriculum Comprehension with Synchronous Summer Tutoring Programs

Our traditional tutoring service is offered over the summer, as well. Our tutoring programs—built on our essential pillars of effective instruction—help your students with curriculum comprehension before advancing to the next year.

Prepare your district for the Summer Climb

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