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Proximity Learning brings live virtual instruction with expertly trained virtual teachers into the classroom.

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We work with districts and schools to:

– Support educational equity within communities

– Combat friction caused by teacher shortages

– Provide specialty courses to keep students highly engaged

We work with districts and schools to:

– Support educational equity within communities

– Combat friction caused by teacher shortages

– Provide specialty courses to keep students highly engaged

Staffing Shortage? We Can Help

The U.S. has a national teacher shortage problem. Public schools already facing an estimated shortfall of 307,000 teachers before the COVID-19 pandemic are now struggling to fill even more K-12 teacher vacancies, while also adapting to the new demands of providing quality virtual education for students learning remotely.

Despite these ongoing challenges, the fact remains that K-12 students everywhere deserve a quality education from exceptional teachers — no matter what.

For school districts searching for a solution, a partnership with Proximity Learning can help.

For the past 10 years, we’ve been connecting school districts struggling with teacher shortages with the best educators from all over the country to support your staff. We bring the power of our live-streaming virtual classroom to the traditional classroom so young learners can receive the education they deserve.

Discover the Difference of Live Virtual Learning

We don’t share pre-recorded courses and call it a day. Here’s what you can expect when you partner with us:

Expertly Trained Virtual Instructors

As any teacher will attest, teaching in the virtual environment can be challenging if you’ve never done it before. That’s why Proximity Learning teachers are not only state certified and background checked, with at least 5 years of teaching experience, they are specifically trained to provide the ultimate online learning experience for students. (Did we mention we employ the best teachers in the country?)

Access to High-Quality Educators, Anywhere

Our virtual instructors do not take jobs away from existing teachers — they are a valuable resource for districts with a lack of access to qualified instructors or those certified to teach high-demand subjects. Have a special need for instructors who can teach math, science, world languages, AP, or even special education classes? We’ve got you covered!

Live Online Instruction

Unlike asynchronous learning models, Proximity Learning online instruction is always live. Students access our live-streaming virtual classrooms through a personal computer or tablet to interact with teachers, raise their hands, work in groups, and ask questions in real-time. Our dedication to live instruction supports student engagement and academic success.

Diverse Course Offerings

At Proximity, our team of educators is as diverse as the school districts and individual students we serve. From AP courses to SPED to various world languages, our virtual instructors specialize in subjects that will keep students challenged and engaged.

Training Programs for Teachers in Your District

In addition to training Proximity educators, we can also help teachers in your school district become excellent virtual instructors as well! And because you’ll need an in-person facilitator to coordinate with our virtual instructor, we’ll provide your facilitator with free training on best practices for ensuring a safe and productive learning environment for students.

About Proximity Learning

Proximity Learning has been a leader in the virtual-learning space for more than 10 years. Our leadership team is comprised of former teachers, principals, superintendents, and other educators dedicated to making a difference by ensuring every K-12 student has access to the quality teachers they deserve.

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