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Proximity Learning makes it easy for teachers to focus on the most important part of being a teacher - teaching the students who need them.
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A great teacher can change a student’s life

Thousands of students across the country currently lack access to certified teachers in crucial subjects. Teaching with Proximity Learning enables teachers like you to connect with those students and make an impact.
That's what drives Proximity Learning teachers to be passionate, innovative, challenge-seeking educators.
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Our mission is to connect all learners with the expert teachers they deserve -
teachers like you.

Through livestreamed, interactive instruction, Proximity Learning teachers can reach the students that need them and reshape their futures.

We partner with school districts that can't find certified teachers in their area by removing physical barriers and connecting them via livestream with expert teachers in a different part of the country.

Setting The Bar For Virtual
Education, One Class at a Time

Proximity Learning teachers start their classes just like any other teacher would - by greeting the students, asking about their day, having one-on-one conversations as class settles in, and more. The only difference? The students are on your screen.
Teachers choose to work with Proximity Learning because they value the moments and interactions that make education truly effective. That’s why we value live instruction so greatly - truly connecting with a student cannot be done over pre-recorded video and message boards. Students need great teachers like you that can form that connection through the screen.
Make a nationwide impact on your own schedule

Make a nationwide impact
on your own schedule

The way we work with schools means that Proximity Learning teachers can focus solely on the actual teaching. Our teachers aren’t expected to do lunch duty, drop-off and pickup duty, or hall monitoring. Instead, they just plan their lessons and teach them - it’s teaching in its purest form, enabling teachers to make a greater impact. Other advantages include:
Pencil checks off the to do list
People located throughout the United States of America
Traveler carries suitcases
Flexible scheduling where you choose the classes you want to teach
Reach students from all around the country in a single day
Work from anywhere in the US, whether you travel frequently or work from home
Pencil checks off the to do list
Flexible scheduling where you choose the classes you want to teach
People located throughout the United States of America
Reach students from all around the country in a single day
Traveler carries suitcases
Work from anywhere, whether you travel frequently or work from home

A Driven, Diverse Teaching Team

Proximity Learning teachers are passionate, mission-driven people who teach because they know the power of a great educator. They love teaching, but sometimes the in-building environment just isn’t for them. No matter their background, Proximity Learning provides a space for teachers to continue doing what they love.
Riley, 29
Frequent Flyer, Culture Lover
Tokyo, Japan

Riley is a 29-year-old avid world traveler. After graduating from college, they taught high school social studies for a few years, before deciding to commit to a lifestyle that allowed them to see the world. They left their in-class teaching job and began looking for remote work opportunities that would enable them to make an income from anywhere in the world that had an internet connection. Riley now teaches six Proximity Learning social studies classes in different schools across the United States each week, often teaching from different countries and exposing students to parts of the world that they haven’t seen or heard of. Riley loves experiencing new places and cultures and then incorporating those new experiences into their social studies lesson plans.

Olivia, 34
Mother of Two, English Lit Expert
Evanston, Illinois

Olivia is a 34-year-old teacher with two children, including one newborn daughter. She has taught high school English since graduating from college with an English Literature degree but felt the need to step away from teaching once her second child arrived. It wasn’t an easy decision - she loved teaching students about classic literature and it was great having two incomes for the family. Olivia began exploring remote-teaching opportunities and found that her biggest priorities were choosing a schedule that worked for her and having a teaching community that she could talk about English Literature with. She now teaches three high school English classes through Proximity Learning, allowing her to stay home, make extra income, join a new community focused on enrichment and shared ideas, and be there for her two children.

Melissa, 48
Tech-Savvy Military Spouse
Seville, Spain

Melissa is a 48-year old military spouse, former IT professional, and former elementary teacher. Although she is currently stationed in Fayetteville, North Carolina, Melissa is used to frequently changing locations due to her wife’s assignments - sometimes to states across the country. Looking for a consistent income that could follow her anywhere and build off of her existing comfort with video calls, Melissa decided to look for live instruction teaching opportunities after having taught elementary school before beginning her career in IT. She joined Proximity Learning and picked up elementary school classes that matched her schedule, enabling her to make additional income while abroad and continue applying her love of technology to her job.

Mark, 66
Avid Hiker, New Grandfather
Burlington, Vermont

Mark is a 66-year-old recently retired middle school science school teacher that had been teaching for over 40 years. He has plenty to do in retirement, including taking care of his new grandson every Friday and participating in a hiking group every Tuesday. However, he still finds that the feeling of connecting with and empowering young people is important to him. Last year, Mark started to teach two Proximity Learning middle school level science classes that worked with his schedule. This flexibility still leaves him free to spend time with family and allows him to pick up new hobbies while also connecting with a new generation of students and helping them fall in love with science.

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Great Proximity Learning teachers are Passionate

An English teacher explains how to format a paragraph in synchronous online learning.
“My love is for the classroom, not for making rules, not for writing out standards, not for disciplining students, not for going to long, endless meetings about policy... It really is about how I can reach a student.”read more

- Jennifer Goodhue, ELA Teacher
A teacher enjoys leading online school in outer space.
“Everything I do, decision making, lesson planning, relationship developing, I’m trying to put students first.” read more

- Cody Reid, Math Teacher
Virtual certified teacher livestreams class
“Teaching is my passion. I enjoy sharing what I know about the Chinese language and culture with people... I think teaching is a way to touch people’s lives. I believe there is no greater joy than teaching.” read more

- Hsin-Wei Grace Chang, Chinese Teacher
Virtual teacher loves livestream instruction
“Proximity Learning was there and we were a constant - I think that that’s what the students needed. A constant to fall back on when they weren’t able to go see their friends and otherkids in person.” read more

- Marcia Hammond, Physics teacher
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