For Educators By Educators: Client Success Powered By Collaboration

Chelsea Penney
May 30, 2024

The majority of Proximity Learning’s corporate team is made up of former educators. Among our staff are former teachers and principals who made a difference in their local schools and decided to maximize their impact by joining a national organization. We are proud to offer a service for teachers by teachers.

We know what educators need because we are educators

Because our team understands the hard work and dedication of educators and administrators, we focus on creating the best client experience possible. Internally, Proximity Learning comes together to form pods made of one team member from each department to give wrap-around service to clients. The pods include specialists from Client Success, Data, TLS (teacher support), Sales, HR, and Solutions. From contract discussions through implementation and final grading periods, clients have access to quick problem-solving and action. 

Communication and collaboration are key

The Client Success Specialists act as the primary contacts for the school district throughout the partnership. They lead clients through the implementation process from collecting class schedules to ensuring the right teacher is selected and included in PLCs to the first day of livestreaming to the very last lesson. 

Client Success Specialist Katherine Munroe explains, “The purpose of meeting with my pod weekly is to discuss how districts are moving along, what's going well, and what needs to be addressed as a team. We also talk about trends with different internal departments, and new clients coming down the pipeline from sales. Each week, we all review the schools together and assign action items to each member.”

After the pod meeting, each member returns to their own department to share best practices and improve processes. Now, service is aligned for all clients. Katherine explains, “Each individual department has separate meetings (CSS, Data, TLS, Solutions, etc.), so the members of the pod bring important issues back to their own team to discuss. This allows departments to be aligned and establish best practices. We take copious notes so that everyone is aware of their action items, and it is resolved the following week.”

“For example, a problem we recently solved was a school’s request for a specific attendance report. CSS brought the request to the pod. Solutions chimed in and said they could create a pivot table. I filed a solutions ticket, met with their team, and then shared the results with the district. It was a fast resolution to a client ask.”

Other common problems and discussions include addressing teacher tech issues, asking for clarification on important dates like grading periods and school holidays, and working together to match the right teacher with the right school.

Supported administrators, support students

As a result of this structure, “Clients know that they have an entire team of people working to support them,” Katherine says. “Many of them even know the core members and that we refer to ourselves as a pod. They know their questions will always be answered.”

The main takeaway is that the organizational structure of support trickles down to students. At the end of the day, the better communication Proximity Learning has within each pod, the better service we can provide to our clients, which enables them to focus on their students. We are a team of educators determined to connect all learners with the expert teachers they deserve. 

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