How to Celebrate Teacher Appreciation Week

Chelsea Penney
May 8, 2023

Every student needs a hero. Every teacher deserves to be celebrated. 

Teachers aren’t just instructors presenting slideshows and lectures. They spend hours upon hours with their students and invest in their lives. They provide social-emotional support, life lessons, and consistency. They truly educate students as whole people and contribute to their futures. We appreciate teachers all year long but like to shine a special spotlight during teacher appreciation week. 

Proximity Learning hosts activities to celebrate their contributions all month long including spirit week, virtual classroom bingo, extra professional development sessions, and more. Read on to see how students and parents can thank their teachers.

How students can celebrate teacher appreciation week

-Make a card: Teachers enjoy hearing how they impacted students personally. Give teachers a handwritten note describing how they made a difference in your life. Draw a picture and share your experiences.

-Give a simple gift: Teachers work long hours and give all of their physical, mental, and emotional energy to their students. They enjoy receiving small tokens of acknowledgment. Bonus tip: Just stay away from mugs. Your teacher already has a hundred!

-Send an email to the principal: It can go a long way to write an email to the principal describing how your teacher is having a positive impact. Sharing a short story about how the teacher took extra time to make sure you understood the concept or how they helped you solve a problem shows the principal that the teacher is doing a great job. Bonus tip: BCC the teacher, so they can see your message as well. 

Teacher discounts

Teachers who are looking to celebrate can redeem discounts at participating businesses. 

For your brain:

50% off National Virtual Teacher Association Certification

Free year of Headspace meditation

60% off Adobe Creative Cloud programs with your school email address

40% off Great Wolf Lodge with code TEACHER

Treat yourself:

Free mini ice cream sundae from Freddy’s Frozen Custard May 8-12

Free breakfast item from Whataburger May 8-12 

Free 32oz tea from McAlister's Deli May 3-10

15% off Kendra Scott in-store purchases May 8-12

Virtual teacher features

Each week, Proximity Learning hears teachers’ stories through teacher their feature videos, which are compiled monthly on our blog. Check out our teacher features:

March and April Featured Teachers Provide Quality Synchronous Instruction

February Featured Teachers Leverage Morale Boosters

January Featured Teachers Use Project-Based Learning

December Featured Teachers Impressed With Student Effort

November Featured Teachers Creatively Engage Students

October Featured Teachers Connect With Students Across The US

September Featured Teachers Find Independence

August Featured Teachers Start Strong

Don’t forget to thank a teacher this week!

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