December Featured Teachers Impressed With Student Effort

Chelsea Penney
January 10, 2023

December virtual teachers show a real knack for project-based learning as they create a culture of collaboration in their online classrooms. Students demonstrate  their learning instead of participating in traditional lectures and tests. Quality synchronous teachers help students apply their learning to real-world situations.

Casey Harris

Live online instructor Casey Harris enjoys engaging with her students over livestream. When she initially started teaching virtually, Mrs. Harris was nervous about the quality of work her students would produce without her direct supervision. However, her students continually complete amazing work.

“The projects that they have been doing are truly breathtaking,” she says. “They go above and beyond my expectations.” She remembers, “In the first live debate that I had in my environmental science class with high school students, I was worried there would be silence. But instead, I watched them take control and make the most valid, exciting experience for both me and the administrators I’d invited in.” Mrs. Harris uses project-based learning to give students the opportunity to show what they have learned.

Nicole Brown

Certified virtual educator Nicole Brown teaches science with Proximity Learning. She enjoys the diversity of her students’ locations, interests, and learning styles. Ms. Brown often writes and performs learning songs to help her students remember academic concepts. She feels supported by Proximity Learning administrators when she has questions or concerns and likes teaching from home.

Mark Stephens

Mark Stephens teaches from home with Proximity Learning. His virtual ACT math test prep students give “remarkable effort” when they have the opportunity to practice skills in a no-judgment environment. They even push through the concepts they dislike because Mr. Stephens supports their learning. Every day, he is honest, fair, and approachable, so students feel confident. To provide an interactive experience, he uses his touch-screen laptop to write out math problems and show his work with hands-on teaching, which the students enjoy. Not only does this help his students stay engaged in the online learning experience, but his approach fosters a safe space for building trust in their learning community. 

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