November Featured Teachers Creatively Engage Students

Chelsea Penney
December 14, 2022

This November featured teachers creatively engaging their students by building strong academic foundations and enhancing them with unique assignments. Proximity Learning virtual educators utilize a balance of computer programs and physical activities to provide a well-rounded curriculum for online students.

Hannah Norman

Virtual kindergarten teacher Hannah Norman loves seeing how her young students interact with each other in the classroom. She fosters a supportive environment, so her kindergarteners cheer each other on and encourage one another daily. As an online teacher, Mrs. Norman uses virtual tools and hands-on lessons to ensure her students practice technological skills like using computer programs and physical skills like writing with a pencil. She recently led an m&m science experiment that her students did alongside her. 

Sonia Apodaca

Certified online teacher Sonia Apodaca loves her Proximity Learning students because they are eager to engage in her virtual classroom. She likes teaching online because she can utilize programs like Nearpod daily. As a certified Nearpod teacher, Ms. Apodaca uses the program to differentiate instruction and allow students to practice the skills they learn in the online class. The teacher's view allows her to keep students on track during class time. Overall, she says working with Proximity Learning “is such a blessing.”

Peter Alouise

Peter Alouise thinks it’s neat to gain rapport with students that live across the country from him. His students are just as excited to see him every day as their traditional brick-and-mortar teachers. When Mr. Alouise took over a class in the middle of last year, he asked the class and facilitator if they needed any concepts reviewed before moving on to the next curriculum section. The class was grateful that he took the time to build that foundation instead of rushing ahead. In the end, it made for a highly successful semester. 

Mary Batalla

Virtual math teacher, Mary Batalla, has 18 years of experience as a zoologist and educator, which gives her a unique perspective to share with her students. She provides real-world examples as she teaches them to make the content relevant to their lives. Her students are enthusiastic in class and love to draw what they’re learning. Ms. Batalla gives interactive homework assignments to encourage students to think creatively.

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