March and April Featured Teachers Provide Quality Synchronous Instruction

Chelsea Penney
May 4, 2023

Proximity Learning certified teachers instruct a variety of courses, leading to greater opportunities for students. School districts can easily expand their course offerings by implementing synchronous instruction in their classrooms. Hear more about their virtual teaching experiences:

Judith Arguin

Live virtual Art teacher Judith Arguin loves hearing about her students’ favorite digital art programs. She uses their ideas to expand her course curriculum and encourages the use of technological tools to refine their skills. Ms. Arguin loves the encouragement and support she receives from her administrators and fellow teachers. She feels valued by the Connected Community and sees herself teaching with Proximity for the remainder of her career.

Jacqueline Hatherly 

Jacqueline Hatherly has a remarkable student in her virtual Math class who seeks her out for help in times of chaos. The student asks for tutoring and shows interest and determination in the face of difficulty. She knows she is truly making a difference in students’ lives.

In her livestream Science classes, Ms. Hatherly utilizes lab simulators to ensure students experience hands-on experiments even when tools and supplies are scarce. She also encourages critical thinking by inviting students to speak up, debate, and reason their answers as a class before revealing the solutions. Her hands-on approach to teaching virtually keeps students engaged and learning. 

Qiwen Zhou

Online Chinese Language and Culture teacher Qiwen Zhou loves seeing her students use their developing language skills to express themselves in her class. She incorporates student interests in their assignments to make practicing Chinese relatable and exciting for her class.  

Karen Jaquez

Livestream teacher Karen Jaquez has worked from home for three years. This year, she had a student in her class who perpetually had technology issues. Mrs. Jaquez paired her with another student, so they could solve the problem while she taught the rest of the class. By the end of the semester, the student mastered the technology and began helping other students herself. She exclaimed, “Mrs. Jaquez, I think I’m ready to skip all grades and go to college!”

Mrs. Jaquez enjoys fostering collaboration and teamwork in her virtual classroom. Her students learn to work together and problem-solve while building relationships with each other. Mrs. Jaquez says, “It’s a joy to see them” looking forward to participating in review games and virtual field trips.

Jennifer Rose

Virtual music teacher Jennifer Rose recalls teaching her 4th-grade class how to play the recorder. Last year, she even created an end-of-the-year performance video with the recorder players and an accompanist so that they could show off their skills. Overall, Ms. Rose enjoys the flexibility of teaching from home as she continues educating students across the country.

Yatrik Patel

Yatrik Patel has taught Math for eight years, three of which have been virtual. He feels so rewarded as he sees students progress in his online classes. He knows he makes a difference in students’ lives by keeping them engaged in learning that relates to their real lives. Then, his students know that they will use these skills in the future. He appreciates the support he feels from his Proximity Learning teammates and pays that forward to his students. 

Crystal Smith

Online Spanish teacher Crystal Smith enjoys getting to know students from diverse backgrounds. She appreciates the opportunity to learn about other cultures from her classes. Senora Smith uses Nearpod to make interactive lessons and learning games to help students practice the Spanish language. She encourages other teachers who are seeking flexibility to look into remote teaching jobs

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