April Featured Certified Virtual Teachers Change The World

Chelsea Penney
May 25, 2022

April’s featured certified virtual teachers use the meaningful connections they make with students to increase their educational experiences. They believe these hard-working students will make a difference in the world and understand their important roles in that process.

April Vazquez

Live online instructor April Vazquez was touched when she said goodbye to her class for the day and one student unmuted their microphone to say, “Love you, Ms. Vazquez!” It helped her realize how essential relationship building is within the virtual classroom. She loves empowering her students as individuals each day. Through being a virtual certified teacher, she finds a creative outlet and desire to be a lifelong learner.

Manuela Rodriguez Morales

Manuela Rodriguez Morales has been a teacher for 28 years and still truly feels called to teach. She feels the power of connection with her students and the importance of her work in educating children. Ms. Rodriguez-Morales recalls an experience with a student who had to work to support his family. He was missing classes and assignments but asked for help. The student wanted to finish the assignments and complete the class, so she helped him make up the grades. He successfully completed everything and earned a great grade by doing all of this extra work during his lunch breaks at his job. That student reminded her of the transcendence of education in a person’s life.

Lisa Tafoya

Virtual teacher Lisa Tafoya reflects on her 8th grade U.S. History class in Virginia. She gave them a project to study popular culture from the 1940s-2000s including music and movies. The project gave students the opportunity to connect with their parents and each other as they appreciated American arts and connected the past to the present. Overall, Ms. Tafoya loves teaching with Proximity Learning and the support she receives. She believes these students will change the world with their education.

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