August Featured Teachers Start Strong

Chelsea Penney
September 23, 2022

August featured online teachers start the school year strong by prioritizing relationship-building and individualizing learning based on student needs and interests. Learn some of their best practices for online teaching below.

Braunson Summers

Geography teacher Braunson Summers discusses the innovative tools he uses to engage students in his online teacher job from home. Mr. Summers finds that it’s actually easier to get to know his students while teaching online because he doesn’t need to spend time maintaining the physical classroom - that extra time gets poured into the students. He uses breakout rooms, zoom messages, and tools like Flip to create time for interactive discussion every day.

Kara Rivers

Certified virtual teacher, Kara Rivers, uses virtual learning games and physical singing and dancing to engage her elementary students in their lessons. She finds it helps them relax and learn in a comfortable environment. Mrs. Rivers feels supported by her team at Proximity Learning because they’re in constant communication. She feels she has finally achieved the work/life balance she was always seeking in her education career.

Linn Hughes

After 30 years teaching Spanish in brick-and-mortar schools, Linn Hughes discovered that her body was tired of commuting to school every day, but she wanted to continue teaching. Ms. Hughes was happy to find that Proximity Learning met those needs. She engages online students similarly to how she would in-person, with fun assignments and individualized lessons. She uses student strengths to build confidence for the whole class. For example, Ms. Hughes explains, “If I have a native speaker in class, we will have a brief conversation about something that is included in that unit’s vocabulary. This gives the native speaker a chance to shine and the class the opportunity to hear Spanish at speed and be surprised at how many of the words they actually understand.”

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