September Featured Teachers Find Independence

Chelsea Penney
October 12, 2022

September’s featured teachers offer unique perspectives on the opportunities of teaching from home. They enjoy the independence afforded to them by flexible curricula and adaptable learning environments. Virtual teachers have more time to focus on differentiation and inclusion for all students.

Sarah Childs

Virtual teacher, Sarah Childs, used her expertise in dyslexic intervention to customize a tutoring plan for a 2nd-grade reader. Ms. Childs' individualized lessons for the student all year and was proud to see incredible results. In her online classes, Ms. Childs challenges her students to set a personal goal for learning to build intrinsic motivation. Setting personal goals and checking in on their progress keeps students focused on achievement. She enjoys her remote teaching job because it allows her to spend time with her 21-month-old while continuing her education career. 

Amber Warren

Online teacher, Amber Warren, thinks it is remarkable how engaged her virtual learners are with her as their teacher, their peers in the classroom, the lessons each day, and their parents after class. She finds her students feel comfortable and ready to learn because she integrates open communication in her virtual classroom. Remote teaching gives her the opportunity to use unique techniques to engage students, and she loves the challenge.

Dani Chervenkova

Dani Chervenkova is amazed by how easily students adapt to using new online tools in her virtual classroom. They learn quickly and work independently, showing off their new skills. The digital skills the students learn are skills for life - they will be used throughout their academic careers and into college and their own remote work-from home jobs. Ms. Chervenkova knows she is preparing students for the future by exposing them to new computer programs. She believes that Proximity Learning is the future of education.

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