Proximity Learning Empowers Teachers to Use Online Technology for Effective Instruction

Daryl Chesley
May 18, 2023

At Proximity Learning, we understand providing teachers with the tools and resources to succeed in today's educational landscape is necessary. We believe that technology plays an integral role in creating a more engaging learning environment for students without compromising on quality content. 

By empowering our teachers with the latest technologies, we are committed to helping them deliver instruction that combines professional curriculum frameworks and innovative digital solutions. With Proximity Learning's platform of effective instructional tools, educators can develop modernized classrooms where their students can experience up-to-date teaching models designed for optimal learning outcomes. 

Discover how Proximity Learning is revolutionizing how teachers teach and students learn!

Introducing Proximity Learning and How It Empowers Teachers

Proximity Learning is a unique educational solution that allows teachers to provide engaging, effective, and innovative instruction to their students. Our established curriculum is aligned with existing standards, ensuring that both students and teachers have access to meaningful learning experiences. 

At Proximity Learning, we’re dedicated to empowering our teachers with the latest technological tools to create a stimulating learning environment. From interactive lessons to cutting-edge resources to live student collaboration, our teachers are well-equipped to foster an enriched learning experience.

Benefits of Using Online Technology for Teaching

Teaching with online technology can dramatically increase engagement, and engagement increases learning. By implementing modern tools into the classroom environment, educational equity is possible. All students, regardless of their zip code, can access various resources and apply them to their studies in significant ways. 

Online technology can also facilitate real-time connections to current events and topics that provide immediate context, allowing students to make meaningful associations from learning to their lives. 

Proximity Learning teachers feel empowered by the established curriculum. Using tech tools provides engagement opportunities that allow students to deepen their understanding of course material.

Tips for Maximizing the Use of Online Technologies in Teaching

Teaching classes online provides unique opportunities to use tech tools to better engage with students. Some teachers new to using tech tools might find this intimidating, but Proximity Learning Teachers have the advantage of both established curriculum and tech support teams they can reach out to. 

With tech support office hours and guidance from their department chairs, Proximity Learning teachers can quickly become fluent with a wide array of tech tools. Furthermore, all Proximity Learning Teachers are part of an expansive community of educators that we refer to as our Connected Community, which provides additional ideas for tech-focused lessons. 

With these resources and more available at a teacher’s disposal, there’s no limit on how teachers can maximize their use of technology and further enrich students' educational experience.

Best Practices for Implementing Online Technology in the Classroom

As teaching from home and online learning becomes a more widely accepted method to address teacher shortages in K-12 education, teachers must strive to learn best practices for implementing online technology. To succeed, it is essential to be willing to try different tools and approaches and an opportunity to continue that mantra of being a lifelong learner. 

Moreover, the teacher must always keep student engagement at the center of their approach. If students are empowered to take ownership of their learning through these technologies, it will create an environment for greater collaboration and self-directed learning opportunities. 

Ultimately, teachers with the right outlook and willingness to use the latest tech tools will be able to maximize student engagement and make their classes more exciting and effective than ever before.

Proximity Learning empowers teachers and ensures they have the tools, resources, and guidance needed to deliver quality education. Integrating technology into classroom teaching effectively engages students in their learning, enriches classrooms, and prepares students for the future. 

By following these tips, implementing best practices for using online technologies in teaching, and being open to new possibilities through Proximity Learning, we can push the boundaries of educational equity, teaching, and learning. 

Technology in the classroom is no longer just a "nice-to-have" but rather a must-have. It is essential to provide both teachers and students with access to more meaningful educational experiences that will equip them with the competencies necessary for success now and in the future.

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about the author
Daryl Chesley

Dr. Daryl Chesley serves as the Director of Innovation at Proximity Learning. His areas of oversight include Curriculum Development & Implementation, Teacher Effectiveness, Professional Development, Organizational Innovations, Asynchronous Instruction, Institutional Funding and Proximity Learning’s Instructional Metaverse Development.

Prior to joining Proximity Learning, he held many leadership roles in public education and non-profit Healthcare education: including teacher, coach, High School Principal, Director and Assistant Superintendent of Instruction / Chief Academic Officer. He served in the US Navy. He attended Villanova University for undergraduate and earned his Doctorate in Educational Leadership from The George Washington University. Daryl currently serves on the Board of Directors for Maine ASCD.

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