May Featured Virtual Teachers Provide Continuity

Chelsea Penney
June 20, 2022

We are thrilled to highlight our exceptional virtual certified teachers in our May teacher features!

Joseph Liang

Certified virtual teacher Joseph Liang has worked with Proximity Learning since 2011. He teaches science and Mandarin Chinese. He forms such great relationships with his students and has had many students reach out years later to update him on their lives. Mr. Liang makes an impact, and his students make an impact on him. 

Watch Mr. Liang’s story here.

Jewell Thompson

Online live virtual educator Jewell Thompson enjoys working with her students. This year, they collaborated on a digital research project. Ms. Thompson was inspired by the historical quotes the students submitted and worked with her in-classroom facilitator to post the quotes in the school hallway for all students to enjoy.

See more from Ms. Thompson.

Nicole Potthast

Virtual certified teacher Nicole Potthast provided consistency for students who had many different teachers and substitutes last semester. The students didn’t believe Ms. Potthast when she told them she would continue to teach them when they returned from Thanksgiving Break. They were thrilled to have a permanent teacher in their classroom. She builds camaraderie by spending a few minutes at the beginning of each class asking questions and getting to know her students.

Hear more from Ms. Potthast.

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