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Chelsea Penney
December 2, 2021

Proximity Learning live instruction teachers Marta Dominguez and Joseph Liang increase educational equity for students who would not have access to World Language instruction. For many districts around the country, it can be difficult to find certified language teachers in their area to hire full-time, that is where Sra. Dominguez and Mr. Liang step in. They livestream their classes into schools in several different states. Both teachers taught in brick and mortar schools for more than a decade before switching to virtual teaching. They enjoy their expanded reach and the flexibility of teaching live online classes.

Marta Dominguez

Sra. Dominguez began teaching English in her home country of Argentina. When she moved to the United States in 2002, she taught Spanish in brick-and-mortar schools. Sra. Dominguez joined Proximity Learning in 2012 because she sought more flexibility in her schedule. This year, she is teaching Spanish 1 and 2 classes in Illinois, Texas, West Virginia, and South Carolina.

“Teaching in the virtual classroom makes your life easier.”

Sra. Dominguez loves teaching virtually with Proximity Learning because she can choose her schedule to teach on the days her own children are in school. She has also been able to teach year after year at the same schools. This allows her to get to know students in Spanish 1 and continue their education in Spanish 2 the following year. She enjoys being a consistent teacher in their lives and building relationships with her students.

Sra. Dominguez discusses what she likes about teaching virtually, how she creates her own teaching schedule, and how she learns to use new technology.

Watch Sra. Dominguez’s story here

Joseph Liang

Mr. Liang began teaching in 1995 at DePaul University and later transitioned to Chicago Public Schools. Ten years ago, he switched to virtual teaching with Proximity Learning. Mr. Liang teaches Chinese and Integrated Physics and Chemistry classes as well as life lessons. He prepares students for international business and healthy lifestyle choices while he teaches academics. 

Mr. Liang cares about his students as people. He encourages students to not be so hard on themselves if they do poorly on one test because they can simply study and perform better on the next one. “It is an endurance sport,” he tells them as he encourages students to continue through any rough patches they may experience. Mr. Liang advises them to treat themselves as professional students. He coaches students for tests like he would for sports by helping them set the right environment to be emotionally and academically ready. 

Mr. Liang is always prepared himself. He has large external drives that house all of his teaching resources, so they are easy to access. He is an advocate for technology in the classroom. To unwind, he loves cooking, going to the gym and caring for his orchids. Successfully growing orchids in Chicago without a greenhouse is a scientific challenge. He has some orchids that are 20 years old.

“Teaching virtually is the best kept secret.”

Mr. Liang enjoys making a difference in the lives of his students. His expertise gives Texas students the opportunity to learn Chinese language and culture, which they otherwise would not have access to. To expand the courses available at your school, click here.

Hear from Mr. Liang here

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