March Featured Virtual Teachers Share Helpful Online Tools

Chelsea Penney
April 13, 2022

March featured virtual teachers discuss integrating their favorite online tools into their lessons to help students learn. By building relationships and differentiating lessons, students succeed and teachers feel rewarded. Learn more about our excellent virtual teachers to see why student success means everything to them.

Charla Maynard

Virtual ASL teacher Charla Maynard joyfully describes her experience interacting with students in her live online classroom. She teaches P-12 students every day without leaving the comfort of her own home. She cares about her students as people and makes them feel valued, which allows her to personalize lessons and keep students engaged. Teaching virtually ignites Ms. Maynard’s passion for education.

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Katie Foreman

When Katie Foreman left her brick and mortar teaching job, she was worried she wouldn’t be able to establish the same close relationships with students virtually. However, she found that it’s actually just as simple to build relationships remotely by taking a personal interest in her students. Ms. Foreman uses online resources like and nearpod as tools to get to know her students better. She simply loves being a part of students’ lives.

Watch Katie Foreman.

Leigh Nichols

Online live instructor Leigh Nichols has been teaching with Proximity Learning for 6 years. Teaching remotely gives her the flexibility to integrate many different teaching tools into her lessons to keep her students learning. When a student succeeds, Ms. Nichols feels successful. She played an integral role in the graduation of a new mother who would not have been able to pass state Math exams without Ms. Nichols’s help. Ms. Nichols finds teaching online to be extremely fulfilling. 

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Janice Mittak

Janice Mittak teaches 2nd grade virtually. She has developed warm rapport with her class over the school year. It became clear to her that one of her students was struggling with subtraction. After teaching the concept several different ways, Ms. Mittak was finally able to celebrate that student’s A+ quiz grade with them as their little face lit up with pride. The variety of resources available to virtual teachers is key. Ms. Mittak utilizes online tools like, splashlearn, ixl and epic books while teaching, practicing and testing to keep concepts fresh for students. 

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