May Featured Teachers Rejuvenate Their Love of Education

Chelsea Penney
June 12, 2023

Proximity Learning virtual teachers have rejuvenated their love for education by switching to synchronous instruction. By creating their own schedules and working from home, our teachers can focus on building relationships with students, creating interactive lesson plans, and providing quality education. Here are some of their stories.

Kristel Koukoua

Spanish and English Language teacher Kristel Koukoua’s dedication to teaching started when she was in 7th grade. However, after teaching in brick-and-mortar schools for many years, she grew frustrated with a system that was obsessed with manipulating data and resisted positive change. She turned to teaching virtually to reignite her passion for education. 

Ms. Koukoua is inspired by one of her students who overcomes her upbringing by staying engaged and focused in class. She recognized that this student knows education is the ticket out of her neighborhood and into a future that breaks the cycle of poverty

Ms. Koukoua uses new techniques in her virtual classroom that she had limited access to in brick-and-mortar. She implements flip, duolingo podcasts, and virtual field trips to supplement her lessons and engage students in their learning. 

Allison Rodriguez

Allison Rodriguez has taught for 16 years and made the transition to teaching virtually 2 years ago. She lives in Mexico and shares her culture with her students in the United States. Students learn about the traditions and holidays she celebrates in Mexico to broaden their knowledge of other countries. Ms. Rodriguez enjoys interacting with her students and hearing them enthusiastically practice their Spanish pronunciation in their live classes. 

Amy Monceaux

Amy Monceaux still builds relationships with her students even when she’s not physically in the classroom by talking with them about their interests. She sees, “a spark in their eyes,” when students talk about the things that they love. From there, she can incorporate their interests into her lessons. Ms. Monceaux is thankful to still have those conversations and provide continuity as a virtual teacher. She is always there for her students. 

Ms. Monceaux uses the chat function to communicate with students and correct their answers before they write them on the screen. Students appreciate the confidence boost and don’t feel as shy to give their answers in front of the class. Teaching virtually has similarly soothed Ms. Monceaux’s own anxiety and helped her fall back in love with teaching again. 

Kristin Fitzwater

Virtual 2nd-grade teacher Kristin Fitzwater teaches students in a brick-and-mortar school in Virginia. Her students attend class in a regular classroom with a teacher’s aid, and Ms. Fitzwater teaches via livestream. She was excited when the school included her in their historical figure assembly for all of the 2nd-grade students. She dressed as Abraham Lincoln and joined via Zoom on the big screen. She enjoyed being included in such a fun and interactive day with the whole school. Her goal is to help her students overcome challenges and succeed, and she loves to see them thrive in the classroom.

Learn about becoming a virtual teacher here.

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