Ensure Equity in Education: Stand Up, Step Up, and See an Impact with Virtual Education

Chelsea Penney
April 27, 2023

Equity in education is providing learning access to students who face barriers. The National Equity Project states, “Educational equity means that each child receives what they need to develop to their full academic and social potential.”

While there are many barriers that can impact a districts ability to ensure educational equity, in recent years, teacher shortages has risen to the top. Schools are struggling to get their students access to highly qualified certified teachers.

Students are not responsible for these issues. It is the duty of school leaders and administrators to find solutions that provide equity in education and implement them quickly.

Let’s give our students the expert teachers and quality education they deserve with live synchronous virtual instruction. 

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Synchronous learning promotes equity in education

The educational field has witnessed significant change over the past few years. By necessity, we have practiced virtual learning for all ages - a proven concept for universities, but previously unexplored in K-12 schools. 

Emergency virtual education didn’t go well. Teachers were overwhelmed, administrators were rushing, and students were confused. Asynchronous recordings offered no personalization and left students behind. 

However with strategic planning and the right solutions in place, live online instruction works and works well. Access to a teacher in real-time, whether in-person or via livestream, offers students individualized learning opportunities and a better chance at success.

Key advantages of live virtual instruction

Live virtual instruction is led by synchronous teachers who interact with students via livestream. There is no canned recording. Students and teachers interact in real-time, giving students all the benefits of a qualified teacher while transcending geographic limitations. 

Synchronous learning includes live virtual classes and mirrors the brick-and-mortar classroom experience as the livestream teacher interacts with students, answers questions, and customizes lesson plans. The scene is similar to a traditional classroom where the teacher leverages the students’ understanding, interests, and participation to create engaging learning experiences. Students have the flexibility to work independently, in small groups, or one-on-one with the teacher.

Benefits include:

  • Increased student achievement - equal to traditional brick-and-mortar instruction
  • Improved content comprehension - virtual teachers provide personalized learning to each student
  • Boosted student/teacher satisfaction - teachers and students form healthy relationships, just like in traditional in-person classrooms
  • Enhanced learning environment - teachers integrate tech programs into their lessons
  • Improved instruction and coursework - there is no one-size-fits-all activity prescribed each day. Instruction is personalized
  • Expanded course offerings - there is no need to hire a full time instructor to provide students access specialty courses and electives

Live virtual instruction offers educational equity to the students who are most affected by the devastating effects of the teacher shortage.

Stand up for what you know is right

A sub can’t come close - Students learn more with a certified teacher. Students have a right to learn from a highly-qualified instructor and you can help make this happen. If one cannot be found in their area, we must take it upon ourselves to think creatively and find alternatives like utilizing live virtual education.

Step up to take action

You have the opportunity to change student lives by leveraging technology.  In modern times, we must adapt and go beyond traditional means to move education forward. Our students are worth it.

See the difference live virtual education can make

Live virtual education is the future of accessibility, giving students access to teachers and courses that would not otherwise be available. Livestreamed synchronous learning environments have the same student performance outcomes as brick-and-mortar learning environments. It can open doors to students who don’t have access to qualified teachers. 

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