Educational Equity With Innovative Virtual Instruction

Daryl Chesley
January 12, 2023

In the midst of the pandemic, schools have been forced to get creative with their instruction. Some have turned to online learning, while others have implemented hybrid models. But one thing is for sure - students need live, synchronous educators now more than ever. Asynchronous instruction just is not meeting the needs of our students. That's where Proximity Learning comes in. We are an organization that believes in the power of teachers. We recognize that today’s virtual teaching is different from the traditional brick-and-mortar teaching of the past. We just cannot ask teachers to teach like they did in the physical classroom - except on zoom. 

why asynchronous instruction doesn't make the grade

Learn why asynchronous instruction doesn't make the grade with this infographic.

At Proximity Learning, we support teachers and students with innovative virtual curriculum, resources, and techniques to meet the needs of ALL learners - especially those in areas where teacher vacancies have crippled a district’s ability to provide live instruction. 

We believe that every child deserves access to quality education, regardless of circumstance. With our help, students can thrive no matter where they are learning from. 

Customized virtual curriculum

Virtual instruction is different from traditional classroom instruction, but it doesn't have to be any less effective. At Proximity Learning, we understand how virtual learning can be challenging for students and educators alike, so we strive to meet students where they are by providing customized virtual curriculums tailored to their unique needs. 

With virtualized engaging lessons and supplemental resources from experienced virtual educators, our customizable virtual curricula provide your school access to the instruction and supportive environment that best fits the needs of each student.

Engaging students

Engaging digital natives has become an essential task for educators. With access to technology, students are increasingly becoming comfortable with digital interactions, allowing us to create meaningful experiences in the classroom. 

To maximize engagement, teachers must align their lesson plans with state standards and capitalize on the digital retention tools available today. This can help to create meaningful learning experiences that enable student success through digital collaboration and creativity. By activating these digital retention strategies and harnessing digital tools, educators can empower students while instilling a passion for learning that lasts a lifetime.

Enhanced digital supports

Proximity Learning’s curriculum development team is committed to providing enhanced digital support for teachers, with specifically designed offerings and tools to ensure successful digital instruction. This advanced focus helps Proximity Learning's reputation remain as one of the most comprehensive and usable instructional platforms available. 

Through our in-depth research and examination of technical standards, we have created a platform that both educates users while taking into account their daily routines and improving their overall educational experience. Our efforts are dedicated to crafting productive partnerships between Proximity Learning and those who use our solution, empowering students on their paths toward learning success.

Improved student outcomes

Our pre and post test assessments show that students are experiencing enhanced academic growth when using our instructional model. Our approach includes the use of learning interventions that help students identify their own educational goals and create powerful strategies to achieve them. 

Through this process, students become more motivated, engaged, and confident in their abilities to tackle an array of academic tasks — resulting in improved student outcomes. Plus, our program keeps stakeholders informed by regularly providing feedback on a child’s progress. This ensures that everyone is working collaboratively towards optimizing potential and achieving success.

Proximity Learning is committed to providing the best possible educational experience for all students, regardless of location or circumstance. By utilizing a customized virtual curriculum and engaging students through digital supports, Proximity Learning has consistently achieved improved student outcomes. 

If you are interested in learning more about how Proximity Learning is bringing high-quality educational equity to students across the country, click here.

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about the author
Daryl Chesley

Dr. Daryl Chesley serves as the Director of Innovation at Proximity Learning. His areas of oversight include Curriculum Development & Implementation, Teacher Effectiveness, Professional Development, Organizational Innovations, Asynchronous Instruction, Institutional Funding and Proximity Learning’s Instructional Metaverse Development.

Prior to joining Proximity Learning, he held many leadership roles in public education and non-profit Healthcare education: including teacher, coach, High School Principal, Director and Assistant Superintendent of Instruction / Chief Academic Officer. He served in the US Navy. He attended Villanova University for undergraduate and earned his Doctorate in Educational Leadership from The George Washington University. Daryl currently serves on the Board of Directors for Maine ASCD.

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