Live, Virtual Instruction for School Districts

Keep students enrolled in your district with a high-quality virtual school

A Virtual School Powered by Proximity Learning provides seats for students that are medically fragile and those that may be affected by COVID-19 while also being an effective resource for your response to COVID variants. With live, synchronous instruction, over a decade of experience perfecting remote learning, and full customization to meet your scheduling and content needs, our turnkey solution will ensure students seeking a safe virtual instruction option remain enrolled in your schools.

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Why offer a Virtual School Option?

Across the country, parents are saying they are NOT comfortable with sending their children back to school this year and are considering non-public school options. Students leaving a school district will directly impact that district’s funding. A virtual school in your district gives parents the remote learning option they’re looking for while keeping their students enrolled in your systems.

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10+ Years Leading Virtual Classrooms

Our experience has shown us that live, synchronous instruction over live-streaming software is the best way to educate students remotely - now, it's all we do. Proximity Learning teachers are not only certified, background checked, and have at least 5 years of teaching experience, but they are also specifically trained in the Enriched Live Instruction Model to provide the ultimate remote learning experience for students. Proximity Learning is also a proud partner of the National Virtual Teacher Association, enabling our teachers to complete a six month certification course created specifically for teaching in a virtual classroom.

Fully Customizable & Flexible Virtual Instruction

  • Aligns with and adopts national standards and your district scope and sequence
  • Use the platforms you know like Zoom and Canvas
  • Access to content is included at no cost
  • Live, synchronous instruction
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Proven Success of our Virtual Schools

“We saw that this model is more personalized because you have a teacher. They use your textbook, they use your standards, and there is that face-to-face communication two or three times a week depending on what you choose.”

- McDowell County Schools Associate Superintendent, Dr. Ingrida Barker

Learn more about the success of the McDowell County virtual school, here.

“The transition from traditional school to proximity was much easier than I anticipated; the platform was very intuitive.” Parent-teacher meetings have “opened the door for the relationship to continue even with virtual teaching,” where “the teachers that have been working with my children in Proximity have been very professional.”

- Summers County School District parent, Greg Angell

Learn more about the success of the Summers County virtual school, here.

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Additional Details

  • Attendance and grades are tabulated and provided to member districts
  • IEPs and 504 plans are followed
  • 30 student maximum class size (at 31, another cohort is created to minimize student-teacher ratio)
  • Neighboring districts can pool financial resources together to ensure that all of their students' educational needs are met

Don’t go into the 2021-2022 School Year unprepared for the new reality

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