COVID-19 Action Plans

Supercharge your COVID-19 Remote Learning Action Plan

The COVID-19 pandemic has completely upended education as we know it, exacerbating the already massive teacher shortage crisis and prompting students to not return to schools. As we enter an uncertain new normal in education, Proximity Learning is here to assure you that we are prepared, and you can be, too. With our 10+ years of experience delivering quality, live virtual education, we can help your Remote Learning Action Plan reach its full potential.

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Teacher Vacancies

By working with Proximity Learning, districts open their teaching vacancies up to teachers living anywhere. Your students can get access to a live, interactive, qualified teacher in the subjects your district needs - even if the teacher lives on the other side of the country. Our virtual instructors state-certified, background-checked, and specifically trained to provide the ultimate online learning experience for students

Course Offerings

Students are often interested in taking specialized courses such as unique Advanced Placements, World Languages, Special Education, and more. However, if you can’t find a teacher qualified to teach those courses, then there isn’t much you can do. Proximity Learning has qualified instructors for the subjects your students want and can help you either fill gaps in your course offerings or expand your offerings further.

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Remote teaching requires a completely new skill set to effectively engage students, keep records, share information, and more. Proximity Learning can help teachers in your school district become excellent virtual instructors through guided training and practice sessions that help them maximize their capabilities and positively impact their students remotely.

“Gina was knowledgeable, professional, and willing to help however and whenever. She was patient and provided tremendous resources and encouragement.”

- High School Teacher, Wilson County Schools, WV

“Cindy was very real about the fears and complications that may come up when teaching remotely, as well as awesome ideas and items that we can use when teaching virtually.”

- High School Teacher, Wilson County Schools, WV
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Hsin-wei Grace Chang

“Teaching is my passion. I enjoy sharing what I know about Chinese language and culture with people … I think to teach is a way to touch people’s lives. I believe there is no greater joy than teaching.”

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Dorvera Owens

“Even with school shutdowns, even with people not really knowing when they’re going to open schools again. … We were given the tools to do it.”

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Proximity Learning teacher smiling in front of a virtual space-themed Zoom background

Cody Reid

“Everything I do, decision making, lesson planning, relationship developing, I’m trying to put students first.”

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Learn much more about who we are, what we do, and why we’re the best solution in our Supercharge Your COVID-19 Remote Learning Action Plan document.

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