Robust Customizable Curriculum

Chelsea Penney
February 15, 2024

Proximity Learning is customizable because we put your students first. We adjust to your bell schedule, collaborate with your facilitator, and join your PLCs to give everyone the best working relationship. Additionally, we can use your curriculum or bring our own that aligns with your scope and sequence.

Proximity Learning is proud to have an extensive catalog of curriculum covering over 130 courses that we offer. This library is always growing and evolving. Adding courses, adding resources, building them out more and more. Our certified teachers deliver engaging live online instruction by following curriculum that matches your individual school’s needs. 

Our curriculum is designed to be customized to your state standards, district scope & sequence, and pacing guide. Most courses follow the rigorous TEKS standards and can be aligned with your specific needs. 

Our curriculum team

We are lucky to have assembled an incredible team of curriculum writers, managers, and quality checkers. Curriculum Manager, Monica Portillo, has 7 years of experience in educational roles including teaching and instructional coaching. She enjoyed the curriculum side of teaching and reading instruction because everything fit together like a puzzle, so she joined the Proximity Learning curriculum team. 

Curriculum Specialist, Stephanie Eaton, knew she wanted to be a teacher since she was in 2nd grade. She taught in elementary and middle schools for 6 years before joining Proximity Learning as a virtual math teacher. While she taught online, she applied to write Proximity’s Algebra 1 curriculum. Her career in curriculum grew gradually until she transitioned to the team full-time. 

They both found a love for curriculum because it is a puzzle to solve, and they know from experience how robust curriculum helps teachers in the classroom every day. Together, they lead a team of teachers who write and quality-check each course curriculum.

Rigorous process to ensure consistency

Proximity Learning’s curriculum team executes a detailed process to guarantee the quality of each course. Proximity Learning teachers can apply to write or update curriculum or become quality checkers. The team usually prefers that applicants are currently teaching that subject virtually, so they can try out lessons with their classes in real time. 

Once the teachers are selected they receive onboarding training. They follow detailed guidance while writing and editing to ensure consistency across all curriculum projects. As they go, they are encouraged to test things out in their classroom. They write curriculum, lessons, and create a library of files for each lesson that is accessible to Proximity Learning teachers. There are currently 28 curriculum projects in progress.

Interactive curriculum resources library 

In addition to curriculum and lesson plans, teachers can access a library of external exercises including Kahoot games and Nearpod activities. This catalog is especially helpful as teachers individualize lessons for students who are above or below grade level. It allows teachers to meet students where they are and accelerate learning.


Proximity Learning curriculum is customizable to your state standards, scope & sequence, and pacing guide. We ensure alignment based on TEKS standards. “TEKS are very detailed. Most of the time if you see it in Texas, you will be covered in the other states as well. Other states might be lacking in detail,” so they use TEKS as a guide because it has the most robust standards of the states. 

Each curriculum customization is considered individually, so you can rest assured that Proximity Learning teachers are delivering the content you expect. Ultimately, it all relies on effective communication between Proximity Learning, the district, the facilitator, and the teacher. Together, we prioritize student success.

Teacher support, supports students

Teachers receive ongoing support in regards to curriculum, professional development, and mentorship to ensure their success in teaching your students. When the teachers are supported and respected, the effects trickle down to the students giving them the high-quality education they deserve.

Learn how we can fill your teacher vacancies and implement custom curriculum in your district.

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Chelsea Penney

Chelsea Penney earned her Bachelor of Arts degree in Writing from University of Colorado Denver and her Masters of Science in Marketing from Texas A&M University Commerce. She loves living in Austin, TX and working on the frontline as Content Marketing Manager for Proximity Learning.

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