January Featured Teachers Bring Fun Into The Virtual Classroom

Chelsea Penney
February 28, 2022

Our January featured virtual teachers love their remote teaching jobs because they can exercise their creativity in the classroom. Their students enjoy remote learning because it brings out the best in their teachers and themselves by giving them the freedom to express themselves. Learn more about how our January featured teachers share their love for learning with their students daily.

Fallyn Cooper

Live instruction teacher Fallyn Cooper dresses for spirit week as Dr. Seuss’ Thing 1, showing that fun costumes and school spirit can be integrated into virtual classrooms. That’s not the only way she builds community. She loves to engage students by creating small groups in breakout rooms in her virtual kindergarten class. The breakout rooms allow the students to build stronger relationships with each other and her. She loves the opportunity to share her expertise with students who live far away from her. “I would recommend it for anyone!”

Watch Ms. Cooper's experience here.

Daniel Bertram

Virtual PE teacher Daniel Bertram feels rewarded seeing his students participate in class. The best experience is when they pull their families in to join them. Mr. Bertram loves spreading the joy of fitness. He incorporates other cultures by taking the students on virtual runs through other countries so they can see landscapes around the world. He feels fulfilled as he builds authentic relationships with his students.

Hear Mr. Bertram's story here.

Waketha Jolley

Remote Culinary Arts teacher Waketha Jolley bonds with students over their mutual love of food. She takes the time to incorporate student preferences and skills into the recipes they make. During the cake unit, Ms. Jolley’s class made cake batter, buttercream and fondant from scratch. Then, she challenged them to a decorating contest using the piping techniques they learned. The students’ creativity blew her away! 

Virtual culinary arts student makes a frog cake.

Click here for more from Ms. Jolley.

Jennifer Leader

Jennifer Leader’s childhood academic experience informs her choices as a teacher. Growing up she didn’t always retain information from a lecture, so her mom would sing a song about the concepts she struggled to remember. Now, Ms. Leader incorporates music into her classroom to help students with all learning styles. She loves when students answer her questions in song because she knows they are truly listening and learning the material. 

Check out Ms. Leader's experience here.

Thank you to our incredible teachers for supporting students across the country. Make a difference in students’ lives. Apply to teach with us today!

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