December Featured Live Virtual Teachers

Chelsea Penney
January 31, 2022

Our December featured live instruction teachers watch their students grow and thrive in their online classes. They build relationships using their Social-Emotional Learning training and create warm environments to help their students open up. Meaningful connections are made, even in virtual learning.

Crystal Demsky Hudak

Crystal Demsky Hudak (Ms. D) loves her remote teaching job because she enjoys building relationships with her students. She implements many bonding strategies in the virtual classroom including recognizing the area where her students are located and talking to them about their community. Ms. D also does a “SEL check-in” at the beginning of class to gain an understanding of how her students are feeling each day. This allows them to open up to her via private message and build trust. Student mental health awareness matters to Ms. D. She incorporates journaling into her class to encourage them to reflect on how they feel and what they are learning. Hear Ms. D’s tips for engaging students.

Mary Thomas

Mary Thomas has taught for 6 years, but teaching with Proximity Learning has taught her to interact with students in a new way. Her virtual teaching job allows her to play content-specific educational games with her students to help them relax and open up while they learn with her. Ms. Thomas loves seeing students engage with the subject through those unique activities. Her virtual Math class enjoys learning via booket review quizzes.

If you are looking to reach students around the country and teach from the comfort of your home, apply to teach with us today!

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