How to Celebrate Teacher Appreciation Week

Chelsea Penney
May 2, 2024

Proximity Learning appreciates teachers all year long for their incredible hard work and dedication. While it is important to show teachers how much you value them throughout the year, Teacher Appreciation Week is also a welcome celebration at the end of a semester’s hard work and dedication.

We believe that teachers are undervalued in our society, but they make the biggest impact on our communities. Student success in schools affects everyone, even those who don’t have children enrolled in public schools. A community’s commitment to education reflects on its workforce, culture, and development. It’s important to establish and maintain teacher respect to keep your area educated and moving forward into the future. 

Watch our year-round teacher feature series

There are many ways to appreciate teachers. Say thank you to a teacher. Send the principal an email explaining why the teacher has done great work this year, and copy them so they can see it too. Write them a handmade card. Reach out to a teacher who made a difference in your life using #THATteacher. 

Discounts for Teacher Appreciation Week

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Mental health for teachers

Most insurance will cover a select number of visits with a mental health professional. Log into your benefits portal to find out how you can be supported. 

Looking to talk to someone virtually? Match with a professional on Grow Therapy. Headspace also offers free meditation subscriptions for teachers. Taking a break? Ask your local museums if they offer educator discounts. 

Value teachers year-round

Teachers make a huge impact on our students and therefore the future of our communities. Educators deserve recognition all year long. Wondering how you can make a difference? Read Evan Erdberg’s new book #TeachersServeToo.

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