How Schools Are Leveraging Technology to Fill Teacher Vacancies with Certified Educators

Chelsea Penney
July 27, 2023

Education is evolving for the better. Join us in leading the charge into the future. Students deserve to go back to school and gain a high-quality education provided by content-certified teachers - even if it looks different from traditional methods of instruction. 

Educational evolution in technology

No more rough and ready online learning - this is virtual done right. School districts are no longer limited by the shortage of certified teachers in their area. Proximity Learning partners with districts to staff their classrooms. Expert virtual educators can now livestream into classrooms, conduct lessons, interact with students, and build relationships just like traditional brick-and-mortar teachers. 

Students have more opportunities than ever before because of the accessibility of experts. Technology increases access to trained teachers for core and specialty subjects that prepare students for the future. It’s time to adopt new strategies and leverage technology to give your students the best education possible. Go back to school with fully staffed classrooms.

The teacher shortage is grim 

The North Carolina State of the Teaching Profession report, issued by the State Department of Public Instruction, reports a 58.4% increase in vacant teaching positions. Other states are facing similar difficulties with shrinking pools of teacher candidates. 

College students are not seeking education degrees and are not pursuing traditional certification after graduation, leaving K-12 students with long-term substitutes or emergency-licensed instructors. The underqualified teachers simply aren’t equipped to provide the same level of education as content-certified teachers.

Technology has allowed districts to use new means to solve problems like the teacher shortage. Livestreamed teachers can be utilized to fill vacancies, expand course offerings, and individualize learning for students and aspiring educators. 

Fill vacancies: Using technology to access qualified educators

Now that technology is readily available to students and edtech is added to curriculum, we need to take instructional methods to the next level. We have made so much progress in leveraging tech resources, so let’s keep going with students’ best interests in mind.

Never have another teacher vacancy due to the availability of local certified teachers. No students should be stuck with an underqualified emergency certification or long-term substitute in their classroom. Their education will be hindered, and the cycle of poverty will continue to hold them back. Your students deserve better than that. 

The teacher shortage can be solved by leveraging livestreamed teachers who are specifically trained to teach effectively in the virtual classroom. Let’s ensure students receive a quality education with content-certified teachers to support them. 

Proximity Learning can help. We’re not the same rushed virtual learning you’ve experienced - we have 14 years of experience livestreaming engaging teachers into classrooms. Certified teachers undergo specific training to help them learn how to leverage technology to create rapport with students and engage them in lessons, even if they’re not in the same room. Furthermore, they have access to regular professional development sessions as well as mentors and department chairs for support. 

With well-equipped teachers come thriving students. 

Expand courses: Leveraging livestreaming to increase opportunity

Students need access to varied subjects to be prepared for post-grad life. Technology classes are no longer nice to have—they’re an important part of a well-rounded education. 

Many colleges and professions require staff to be skilled in software, coding, and editing. Online college courses are up. Forbes says, “In 2021, about 60% of all postsecondary degree seekers in the U.S. took at least some online classes. Around 30% studied exclusively online.” Students need to develop technological skills before entering college to stay ahead of the curve. 

Livestreamed course expansion can also open the door to other subjects, including new world languages, technical skills, and artistic expression. By partnering with Proximity Learning, schools can access content-certified educators to teach one section of a course as they add subjects and measure student interest. This technique saves the district time and money because they don’t need to bid for another full-time teacher. 

Expand your offerings to include more world languages, technology courses, technical offerings, and art credits to give your students more options. 

Individualize learning: Modern co-teaching leads to better student outcomes

Expert educators can further innovate teacher training by partnering with your brick-and-mortar teachers. Our content-certified teachers plan lessons and teach classes while sharing educational techniques with your in-classroom facilitator. 

They work together to provide individualized instruction to students so everyone is on track. Small-group instruction and breakout rooms are more effective with qualified instructors, and our teachers will train your facilitators in engaging pedagogy.

Grow the skills of your students and teachers aides simultaneously.

Staff your classrooms today.

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