High-Dosage Tutoring

The pandemic widened the educational equity gap to new extremes. Tutoring that ensures academic progression for students of all abilities is going to be essential to reduce it. Get your district’s students up to speed through Proximity Learning’s High-Dosage Tutoring options.

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When can High-Dosage Tutoring help you?

  • You have students that have fallen behind
  • You have students in need of targeted instruction
  • Your district has individuals or small groups of students needing more direct academic support

Customizable and effective:

  • Up to 60 minutes per session
  • Simple pricing - one fee per 10 students
  • Get data that proves academic progress
  • Alternate students in and out by grading period according to mastery
  • Live, synchronous teachers trained in our Enriched Live Instruction Model
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Easy to implement, lasting effects

High-Dosage Tutoring comes with access to Proximity Learning’s K-12 Programs Team. They’ll help you set up groups of students, implement entrance and exit exams to evaluate performance, and remain available to ensure that Proximity Learning is meeting your specific needs effectively and efficiently.

Affordable - no matter your needs

Our pricing is simple - we just charge by each group of 10 students. No complicated add-ons, variable costs, or anything else that complicates and slows down implementation.

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Learn more about how our High-Dosage Tutoring can help!

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