Tutoring ensures academic progression for students of all abilities - especially when it’s customizable and tailored to your students’ learning needs. Get your district’s students up to speed through Proximity Learning’s Tutoring options.

Scheduled Weekly Sessions

  • Recurring day of the week and time of day
  • Same tutor for every class
  • Up to 30 students

On-Demand Tutoring:

  • You choose an allotted number of tutoring hours for each student
  • Tutors are available on-demand over chat and livestream video
  • Progression dashboards are built for progress tracking
  • Includes online whiteboarding, file sharing, feedback systems

Educational Support System

If you only need helpful tutoring content, you can also get access to our Educational Support System—a rich library of over 10,000 hours of videos, lessons, and materials covering all levels of education. The Educational Support system also Includes pre- and post-assessments to monitor student growth.

Available year-round

Tutoring isn’t only to get students caught up before the end of the year - it’s most effective when offered year-round. Talk to us to learn more about summer options and full school year scheduling options.

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Learn more about how our tutoring options can help!

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