Newton County School District Partners With Proximity Learning

Newton County Schools, GA

The Problem

Newton County School District, located in Covington, Georgia, was evidently struggling to find qualified teachers or substitutes for open subjects. The district was unable to provide schools with the best ELA, math, science, and social studies instruction, hindering the ability of students to move forward academically. Ensuring quality education in core subjects is just one of the tenants to the districts’ mission of fostering a challenging yet beneficial academic environment.

The Solution

Bearing these challenges in mind, district superintendents turned to teacher staffing conferences in search of alternatives that wouldn’t sacrifice academic integrity for students. HR director Nyree Sanders discovered online education company, Proximity Learning at the state DASPA conference. Intrigued, Sanders spoke with principals around the districts about the types of subjects they were having difficulty filling. The principal of Middle Ridge Elementary, Rhonda Battle, met with Proximity Learning and asked a few demanding questions to make sure the company could support the school’s vision in terms of instruction and expectations. The district was impressed that in addition to constant feedback during online class sessions, small group facilitators ensured that students who may need additional support were being helped. Newton Country District renewed its partnership with Proximity Learning, allowing qualified teachers to teach ELA, math, science and social studies at six schools!

Jim Frenchak

Director of School Partnerships

Meet Their State Representatives

Jim Frenchak, Director of School Partnerships, has worked for Proximity Learning for over 6 years and is responsible for sales in the Southeast along with Maryland, New York and Connecticut. He brings over forty years of diversified experience in the world of sales, marketing, service, and management of educational products.

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