Our strict 4-tier hiring process means that only the best teachers make it onto the Proximity Learning team. In addition, each of our teachers are certified in both their state as well as their subject matter.




Each of our teachers are trained to work with a diverse population. Our educators work under lead teachers and are provided with teaching mentors to help them grow and succeed throughout the school year.




Our teachers boast multiple years of experience, holding at least 5+ years working in both brick-and-mortar and online classrooms. This experience helps our teachers understand how the classroom environment works from all angles.




We require our teachers to hold a minimum of a graduate degree, and many of our educators hold their doctorates in education. This guarantees that your students are taught by the very best.



Anne Furlong - Spanish

Brittany Powell - Math

Camille Stack - Science & Math

Carrie Page - History & Social Studies

Christina Buchfellner - Math

Crystal Smith - Spanish

Dorvera Owens - Science

Elizabeth Jacobsen - Math & Economics

Florence Charavay - English

Grace Chang - Chinese

Heather O'Connell - Elementary & Social Sciences

Irene Somyk - Chinese & Japanese

Ivette Ciccio - Science

Janellkay Bringham - ASL

Jasmine Garcia - ASL

Jennifer Bodholdt - Spanish

Jessie Strohmann - Chinese

Jing Wang - Chinese

JiunJee - Chinese

John Brand - ASL

John Dunsmore - ASL

Jonah Elewke - ASL

Jonathan Doyle - Spanish

Joseph Liang - Chinese

Kristen Chapman - ASL & Special Education

Kristine Wedington - German

Kris Neal - Latin

Leigh Nichols - Math

Linn Hughes - Spanish

Linnae Janky - ASL

Lisa Malick - World Literature

Lisa Willard - Science

Marcy Carruth - Math

Marie-Clude Oullet - French

Marta Dominguez - Spanish

Mary McDonough - Latin

Mary Zielund - ASL

Melinda Kisling - ASL

Miaomiao Cui - Chinese

Michael Frank - Math

Michele Smith - ASL

Mirella Congiu - Spanish

Molly Chai - Chinese

Pat Denham - ASL

Pauline "Bell" Lilienfeld - Special Education

Paula Curry - Spanish

Ping Wang - Chinese

Rachel Brumbalow - Psychology

Rebecca "Becky" Engram - Elementary Mentor Teacher

Rubina Dwivedi - Math

Sefina Lucki - Spanish

Shawn Shannon - ASL

Shonna Robinson - Science

Stacey Tritt-Wayman - Special Education

Su-Mei Lee - Mandarin Chinese

Susan Dupree - English

Taylor Rogers – English

Tom Sears - Latin

Vanessa Morrow - Math

Vania Kassouf - ASL

Vita Holguin - Science

Wen-Rang Chen - Mandarin

Yan Liu - Math

Zaida Aguilar - Spanish