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Proximity Learning livestreams certified teachers into districts in pursuit of greater educational equity
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HR Backup Plan

Never have another teacher vacancy. Use our HR Backup Plan to ensure that when you can’t find a teacher, we will place a cutting-edge livestreamed teacher into your classroom.
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Student Program Expansion

Expand your course offerings. With Student Program Expansion, you can start offering typically hard-to-staff specialty courses to your students that want them.
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Reduce the equity gap in your district. Our Tutoring uses data-driven entrance and exit benchmarks to get students in your district ready for what’s next.
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Simple solutions to equity-related problems caused by the teacher shortage crisis

Students everywhere deserve a quality education from exceptional teachers — no matter what. While student enrollment across the country is steadily increasing, the number of adults graduating with a degree in education is rapidly dropping.

For over 10 years, Proximity Learning has been making it easier for districts to connect their students with the teachers they deserve. We remove unnecessary barriers between students and teachers through our live-streaming virtual classroom, enabling young learners to receive a more equitable education. Learn more about how we can do the same for your district.

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District Partners

Over 100 districts across the United States are using Proximity Learning in their classrooms to fight educational inequity.

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Discover What Sets Us Apart

We don’t just share pre-recorded courses and call it a day. Our technology, methodology, and content all work in harmony to take advantage of the opportunities that a live-streamed teaching environment provides and create a more equitable learning environment in your district. Here’s what you can expect when you partner with us:

Expertly Trained Instructors

Proximity Learning teachers are not only certified, background checked, and experienced, but they're also trained in our Enriched Live Instruction Model to ensure they’re dynamic, engaging, and caring. Proximity Learning teachers also take virtual instruction to the next level with certifications from the National Virtual Teacher Association, ensuring that virtual teaching is as good as or more effective than in-person instruction.

Engaging and Caring Teachers - No Talking Heads

Proximity Learning teachers are trained to not just be stellar virtual teachers, but also to work on forming relationships, building rapport, and making a true impact on their students. Our teachers aren’t just lecturing on a screen - they’re approachable and highly interactive. Check out some of our Teacher Features.

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Access to the High-Quality Educators You Need

Our instructors do not take jobs away from existing teachers — they are a valuable resource for districts with a lack of access to certified teachers in the subjects they want. From Core, to AP, to SPED, and to various world languages, our certified instructors specialize in subjects that will keep students challenged and engaged.

Live Online Instruction

Unlike asynchronous learning models, Proximity Learning online instruction is always live. All that a student needs is a personal computer—from there, they can interact with teachers, raise their hands, work in groups, and ask questions in real-time. We’re dedicated to always live instruction because we know it’s the best way to learn.

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By Educators, For Educators

Proximity Learning’s leadership team is composed of former teachers, principals, superintendents, and others with demonstrated history working in and around education; we speak your language.

We’re dedicated to the pursuit of greater equity in districts everywhere and we make a difference by ensuring every K-12 student has access to the quality teachers they deserve.

Let's Work Together

Could live online instruction from Proximity Learning benefit your school district?

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