Virtual Instructors

Never have another teacher vacancy. Use our virtual instructors to ensure that when you can’t find a teacher in a subject you need, we'll have your back.

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Highly Qualified and Impactful

When district HR Departments can’t find qualified teachers to fill district job openings, they can come to Proximity Learning and have a highly qualified, state-certified teacher instructing the subjects they need. Hear directly from our teachers about what drives them.

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Certified teachers in the subjects you need
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Accessible, Comprehensive Support

Our teachers are paired with your own paraprofessional facilitator that has a presence in the classroom itself. These facilitators go through Proximity Learning’s training to be the best teammate possible, supporting both your students and the Proximity Learning teacher wherever they can.

Wyoming County School, West Virginia

When should districts use Virtual Instructors?

  • You’re unable to locate a certified instructor to teach a course subject
  • Your teacher resigns during the school year and a certified educator cannot be located for replacement

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Add Unique Courses That Students Want

Our virtual instructors also enable schools to expand the offerings available to students in a completely customizable and affordable way. Do your students need a single period of AP French instruction? We can do that. Do they want an hour of after-school Robotics instruction? We can do that, too.

Bring An International Perspective to Your Students

A diverse teaching workforce enables schools to reimagine how they teach and provide the best education for their students. By connecting your students with our teachers from around the world, you help build cultural competence and a teaching body that advances equality, tolerance, and feelings of belonging among your students.

Districts have the option to place international teachers certified in their home countries into their classrooms to provide an international perspective and help meet district DEI requirements.

How does it work?

  • Teachers are certified in their home countries - Mexico, Jamaica, India, Philippines, and more
  • Proximity Learning partners with organizations that sponsor J-1 visas, this exchange visitors include certified teachers with 3 to 5 years of experience in US Schools districts.
  • Proximity Learning enrolls the teachers in a rigorous Teacher Certification Program with Moreland University
  • A team of two teachers - our international teacher and their mentor teacher - conduct instruction. Mentor teacher credentials are supplied to the district.
  • The international teacher will have a United States certification within 9 to 10 months.

Learn more about how our Proximity Learning Virtual Instructors can help!

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