What It's Like Teaching Synchronously

Chelsea Penney
April 20, 2023

Every day, brick-and-mortar teachers wake up early to commute to school. They make coffee, pack their lunches, and fight traffic to make it in time to greet their students in the classroom. They provide instruction, lead activities, and manage behavior throughout the day. Then, they often take on lunch duty, bus duty, or chaperone after-school activities. When they finally return home in the evening, teachers grade assignments and lesson plan for the next day. 

Brick-and-mortar teachers generously give their day to their school and their students. Unfortunately, the rigorous schedule can lead to burnout. Many educators are passionate about teaching and interacting with students but can’t keep up with the demanding schedule. Virtual teaching can be an excellent alternative for those teachers.

Teaching virtually allows educators to find work/life balance while maintaining their careers. Proximity Learning supports teachers in their transition to their work-from-home teaching jobs. This is an example of a day in the life of an online educator based on the experiences of Proximity Learning teachers

Virtual teaching day in the life

8:00 am: I wake up, start the coffee maker, and let the dog out. I get dressed for the day and head into my home office.

8:30 am: I review my lesson plan and open my slide deck for the day. As my students enter the virtual classroom, I prepare all my tabs so class runs smoothly. First, I teach on the East Coast, so cameras are on and we’re ready to go. Good morning, students!

10:00 am: My first class was great! I love interacting synchronously with my students. I have a break, so I make breakfast, enjoy the morning, and lesson plan for next week.

11:00 am: My next class starts in Ohio. Today, we’re doing a science experiment and celebrating a student’s birthday. I change my virtual background to an image with balloons that says, “Happy Birthday Charlie!” After class, I check in with my Teaching and Learning Specialist who shared the upcoming professional development session.

12:00 pm: I have another break, so I go for a walk on this beautiful day. It helps me tremendously to exercise my body and mind, so I listen to a podcast as I circle my neighborhood with my dog. When we get home, I eat lunch and open my deck for the next class. 

2:00 pm: My class in Texas is presenting their projects today. I love seeing how hard they’ve worked on their assignments and their enthusiasm to present to their classmates in person and to me over livestream. I’ve been mindful to create a culture of teamwork, so the students cheer for each other as they conclude.

4:00 pm: I teach my last class on the West Coast. It is so fun to teach students in different parts of the country all day. Each region has different customs and vernacular, but at the end of the day, students all want the support of a teacher and an engaging activity. I love being able to meet their needs and have a work/life balance.

6:00 pm: After work, I finish grading, tidy my office, and start cooking dinner. My family enjoys sitting around the table and talking about our days. It has become such a special time for us.

8:00 pm: I pick up around the house and relax with a book before getting ready for bed. We’ll do it all again in the morning!

Work From Home Teaching Jobs

Proximity Learning supports teachers, students, and districts by giving educators work/life balance, students educational equity, and districts the qualified instructors they need. 

Virtual teaching jobs allow for flexibility, apply today!

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Chelsea Penney

Chelsea Penney earned her Bachelor of Arts degree in Writing from University of Colorado Denver and her Masters of Science in Marketing from Texas A&M University Commerce. She loves living in Austin, TX and working on the frontline as Content Marketing Manager for Proximity Learning.

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