Thank You, District Partners And Expert Teachers

Chelsea Penney
November 16, 2023

Written: November 2022                 Updated: November 2023

To our school district partners and our incredible teachers, from all of us here at Proximity Learning:

Thank you!

It is the time of year when we take stock of our relationships and express gratitude for everyone’s combined efforts. It takes a team to educate students, and with your help, we have reached nearly 65,000 students since August. If we can bring educational equity to thousands of students in just a few months, imagine what we can do together in the next year.

We couldn’t do it without you!

We are so grateful to have established relationships with some of the best school districts in the country. Together, we ensure students receive an equitable education

We have connected thousands of students with the expert teachers they deserve instead of underqualified substitutes. They have consistent care and relationship-building with their educators. They can expand their horizons and take classes they could not access otherwise. They can receive the tutoring they need to excel.

​​“We appreciate that our school district partnered with Proximity Learning this year because it’s been a great experience. My son’s having a great 5th-grade year!” - Nicole Wilberg, Virtual School parent.

Thank you, teachers!

A special thanks to our expert teachers who work hard daily to educate the next generation. They genuinely care about their students and put their all into creating engaging lessons in their virtual classrooms.

Our teachers bring the magic to our model and provide quality education to students across the country every day. They work so hard, and we could not be more grateful for their efforts. That’s why it’s always Teacher Appreciation Day around here.

Each and every Proximity Learning employee is passionate about our mission: to connect all learners with the expert teachers they deserve. We are sincerely thankful for your part in making our dreams a reality.

One North Shore parent told their Proximity Learning teacher, “THANK YOU for everything you do for the kiddos during this crazy time.  My child thinks you are a super fun teacher and enjoyed being in your class this week.  I know it's beyond sometimes challenging to do what you do, but know that for a certain 2nd grader who is NOT that fond of reading - you helped engage him and showed him ELA isn't all that bad!!  I really appreciate everything, and I hope that you have a wonderful weekend.  You deserve it!”

An administrator said, “I had the privilege of joining Ms. M’s class as students entered the class. She welcomed each one of them with such warmth and gratitude at their presence. Students started class immediately based on the directions already shared with them on the screen. Ms. M’s students are lucky to have her as their teacher.”

A Proximity Learning team member said, “Ms. J spent a lot of time learning the school system and has gone out of her way to support her fellow Proximity Learning teachers at her school. She has a positive attitude and outlook that is a bright and encouraging force for her team! Thank you so much for digging in and helping others!”

From Ms. O’s student: “You are someone very important to me because you have taught me so much in the little time I have had with you. You have inspired me so much and have taught me so much. THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR BEING MY ALGEBRA 1 TEACHER THIS YEAR! You're the most motivational and inspirational teacher I have had!"

Thank you for making an impact on our quest to #EquityFor1MillionStudents

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Chelsea Penney

Chelsea Penney earned her Bachelor of Arts degree in Writing from University of Colorado Denver and her Masters of Science in Marketing from Texas A&M University Commerce. She loves living in Austin, TX and working on the frontline as Content Marketing Manager for Proximity Learning.

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