September and October Featured Virtual Teachers are Energized by their Students

Chelsea Penney
November 18, 2021

Proximity Learning live online instruction offers a unique opportunity to teach virtually while seeing and interacting with students live every day. Teachers can see and interact with their students as they livestream their lessons into the classroom. They correspond with students over video and through the chatbox, during all class activities. The students’ enthusiasm for learning inspires our featured teachers to continue delivering exceptional instruction.

Cheyanna Thompson

History teacher Cheyanna Thompson finds joy in hearing from her shy students. When all students are engaged, she feels connected to them and knows they are absorbing the material. Even her quiet students love talking with her because she creates an environment of openness. Her favorite part of teaching is seeing those ah-ha moments from students when they fully grasp the concepts.

Christine Law

Christine Law has been teaching for 27 years and made the switch to virtual three years ago. She loves utilizing technology to personalize reading lessons for each student. They can choose their own topics and read on their level as they advance their skills. Her class has read over 200 books this year! She helps her students learn and grow every day.

Mary Bartkowski

Certified virtual teacher Mary Bartkowski prides herself on creating interactive lessons for her students. Creative activities engage her students with her concepts and make them feel more comfortable in the virtual classroom. For example, when discussing Washington D.C., one shy student recently asked to give a presentation about the Lincoln Monument because he felt comfortable sharing in her classroom. She loves teaching through natural conversations that lead students through the lessons instead of just lecturing. Engagement is key!

Meredith Kashti

Meredith Kashti is flattered when her students do not want to leave her class at the end of the day. She knows they are enjoying her lessons and feel safe around her. Some students never shared what they learned at school with their parents each day, but now they talk at length about her lessons. Ms. Kashti makes sure every couple of slides engages the students by inviting them to draw or collaborate, keeping their attention, and monitoring their learning. She feels encouraged as she sees her students progress.

Amanda Sauerwein

Amanda Sauerwein enjoys celebrating cultural diversity within her virtual classroom. Every student is different and learns differently, so she differentiates instruction to ensure all students understand. She also takes care to engage every student equally by keeping track on her attendance sheet. 

Michelle Martinez

Michele Martinez prioritizes connecting with her Spanish and English Language Learning students and proves that you can form bonds virtually. She uses technology and simple conversation to get to know her students and individualize learning. She loves seeing students grow into the people they are meant to be.

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