Proximity Learning Partners with Dallas ISD for Livestreamed Tutoring

Jordan Blossom
July 1, 2021

DALLAS, TEXAS July 1, 2021 — Proximity Learning Inc., an education services company focused on livestreaming certified teachers into districts in pursuit of greater educational equity, announced a new partnership with Dallas Independent School District (DISD). Beginning with the 2021-2022 school year, Proximity Learning is providing Dallas ISD with tutoring via livestreamed teachers to accelerate student learning.

As schools continue to reopen for in-person instruction, districts are finding that students are ill-prepared to move into the next school year. To fill this gap, Proximity Learning provides districts with accelerated tutoring conducted by its own teachers via livestream. Recent studies have shown that prioritizing acceleration over remediation when it comes to tutoring results in greater student achievement and increased equity.

“Proximity Learning is grateful for the opportunity to make an impact on the students of Dallas Independent School District,” said Jason Roppolo, Director of School Partnerships in Texas for Proximity Learning. “Though there were many setbacks in the education sector between March 2020 and today, Dallas ISD’s decision to pursue accelerated learning with Proximity Learning ensures that each and every student in the district gets connected to a certified teacher that will set them up for success in the future.”

Proximity Learning has provided world language instruction through its livestreamed certified teachers in Dallas ISD since 2018.

Proximity Learning’s method of synchronous, virtual teaching allows students to experience and interact with their teacher in a way that emulates the traditional brick-and-mortar classroom experience, creating an ideal environment for students to catch up via accelerated learning.

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