Proximity Learning Makes Strides Toward Equity in Education Providing 100,000+ Students with Live Virtual Teachers

Chelsea Penney
June 1, 2023

Austin, TX June 1, 2023 - Proximity Learning Inc., a virtual education company that specializes in offering live K-12 instructional solutions from certified teachers, releases stats that show ongoing progress towards their mission of increasing equity in education. 

Dedicated to extending educational equity, Proximity Learning works to curb today's teacher shortage by providing live virtual teaching services and solutions to in person and virtual schools. Instructing over 100,000 students to date, each year Proximity Learning has continued to expand their reach. During the 2022-23 school year alone, Proximity Learning livestreamed certified teachers in:

  • 3,000+ classes
  • 400+ partner schools

Additionally, Proximity Learning offers more than 150 core and specialty courses focused on helping schools increase equity through curriculum diversity without the expense of hiring a full-time teacher. 

Proximity Learning's virtual teaching services and solutions enable school districts to expand students' educational opportunities by providing access to new electives and world languages, regardless of the geographic distance between the certified teacher and the school.

“At Proximity Learning, we are committed to providing equity in education to students across the US by giving schools and students live access to certified teachers through synchronous online instruction. Live virtual learning is an effective way to extend educational equity because students gain access to previously inaccessible subjects and highly qualified teachers. It is time for administrators to stand up, step up and help impact their students’ future by embracing change and leveraging creative solutions like ours,” says Evan Erdberg, Proximity Learning CEO. 

For more information on Proximity Learning’s equity initiatives, read their eBook Making Educational Equity a Reality for All.

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