October Featured Teachers Increase State Test Scores

Chelsea Penney
November 2, 2023

October featured virtual teachers find joy in innovation and accomplishment in long-term student success. They engage students with repetitive phrases that stick with them through the years and implement unique projects including a virtual art gallery. Students progress when their certified teachers are invested in their learning as individuals. Read how Proximity Learning teachers inspire academic development. 

Debra DeLong

Certified math teacher Debra DeLong loves her job because she is making a long-term impact on her students’ futures. “I don’t teach in order to get recognition,” she explains. “I teach because I enjoy the children. If I did not enjoy what I did, then I would not have stayed in it for 45 years.”

In 2015, Ms. DeLong retired from teaching in brick and mortar schools and switched to synchronous instruction. “You can’t get rid of me,” she exclaims. “I’m here to stay.” She teaches math fundamentals in a way that increases her students’ understanding for years to come. Her instruction sets them up for success, and they often reach out to thank her for building a strong foundation.

Kathleen Herald

Synchronous art teacher Kathleen Herald loves the students she teaches with Proximity Learning. She thinks outside the box to give students an engaging experience virtually. Last spring, she hosted a virtual art exhibit to give students an opportunity to showcase their artwork. The students and parents loved the gallery walk, and she was truly proud of her students’ work. 

Daniel Marcus

Virtual teacher Daniel Marcus recalls how he improved one school’s state test results by providing effective synchronous instruction. He loves witnessing student breakthroughs. “What I love most about being a teacher is that ah-ha moment you see in a livestream classroom when a previous befuddling concept comes to life in front of your eyes.” He feels accomplished when he can break through that confusion and help students understand. That is how he gives students a quality education. 

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