November Featured Live Virtual Teachers Value SEL

Chelsea Penney
December 23, 2021

November’s featured teachers include teachers who value their students’ social interaction in addition to their academic growth. Proximity Learning’s live online instructors strive to create meaningful learning experiences so their students will grow and thrive. Several Proximity Learning live instruction teachers share their best practices for online teaching.

Live Virtual Teacher: Jacelyn Rebulla

Jacelyn Rebulla teaches 1st graders in Virginia from her home in Guatamala. She loves seeing her students grow and learn. To add variety to her class, Ms. Rebulla arranged for a Virginia Representative to talk to her class about the state and government, so the students can learn from their own governmental leaders. She also takes student social emotional needs into consideration by giving her virtual class time to socialize at the end of the day. This community time builds trust and engagement within the class and allows students to feel more comfortable in virtual school.

Watch Ms. Rebulla’s video here.

Live Virtual Teacher: Katrina Hockin

Katrina Hockin loves bringing real world situations into the  virtual classroom as a teaching tool. One of Ms. Hockin’s favorite moments so far this year is when her Math class was studying the stock market. Facebook stock suddenly dropped in price and her class was able to have a conversation about real-time news that was relevant to the content she was teaching. It helps students understand the importance of the subjects they learn in school because they will truly utilize those skills in life.

Watch Ms. Hockin’s video here.

Live Virtual Teacher: Michelle Robinson

Certified virtual teacher Michelle Robinson finds it refreshing to work with students who live in a different region than she is accustomed to. Ms. Robinson lives in Michigan where she teaches students in Texas via livestream. Her students have a unique perspective, and she loves to hear their experiences. Ms. Robinson is very imaginative when it comes to incorporating technology into her virtual classroom. She uses virtual reality, Nearpod and MobyMax to engage her students and reinforce her lessons. 

Watch Ms. Robinson’s video here.

Live Virtual Teacher: Christopher Boyd

Christopher Boyd encourages students to interact with each other and form social relationships within the virtual classroom. He breaks students up into small groups to nurture the socialization they need before focusing on the day’s lessons. Mr. Boyd loves seeing students progress throughout the year as they learn new concepts and experience ah ha moments in class.

Watch Mr. Boyd’s video here.

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