National Online Learning Day

Natalie Williams
September 14, 2022

Written: September 2021

Updated: September 2022

Every year on September 15th, virtual teachers and students celebrate National Online Learning Day to exhibit the success of online learners everywhere. As virtual learning continues to push the boundaries of traditional brick-and-mortar education, students and teachers are adapting to this evolving environment with curiosity and enthusiasm. 

Virtual education broadens the experiences available to students by equipping learners with vital technological skills by adding coding to the course catalog, creating interactive online environments that provide real-time feedback to students, and launching individualized curriculums tailored to student progress. The benefits of online learning include preparing students for virtual college courses and remote working environments.

History of National Online Learning Day

National Online Learning Day began in 2016 to showcase the vast potential of virtual education. Every year, education organizations from all over the country recognize the future of online learning and its current successes. 

Since 2016, the virtual education space in K-12 and higher education has boomed as more students began learning from home and many young working professionals returned to school. 

National Online Learning Day emphasizes the importance of technology in education and how innovation drives new learning opportunities. The evolution of education technology can individualize learning, teach valuable organizational skills, and provide management solutions for administrators and faculty. 

Teachers and students can teach and learn at their own pace and comprehend the content better through customized lessons. Online education tools offer interactive activities that may not be available in traditional classrooms. Courses like coding, web design, and graphic design are just a few of the abundant options available to virtual students where the instructor can directly apply concepts during instruction. 

Proximity Learning’s Impact On EdTech

Proximity Learning is dedicated to providing quality education directly to students through district partnerships. We connect a certified teacher in one part of the country to students in another part of the country. Schools now have access to certified teachers everywhere, not just in their immediate vicinity.  Students in those districts were given more significant educational equity by gaining access to those teachers. 

Since 2009, Proximity Learning has been an influential innovator in the virtual education space, focusing on equity and dedication to equal opportunity for all students, no matter their background or environment. 

Our Online Teachers

Proximity Learning certified online teachers share their passion for education with students around the country. They broadly impact educational equity - reaching students beyond their local area and expanding learning opportunities.  

Online teaching jobs from home give educators the work flexibility they crave while solving the national teacher shortage crisis.

As our teachers celebrate the small victories of student achievement daily, we dedicate this day to the whole virtual learning community with the reminder to reflect on your significant progress! Teachers inspire us daily to continue searching for answers and pushing the learning community to do their best. Without our expert teachers, none of this is possible!

Celebrate with us by sharing your Proximity Learning success story on our Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. Use the hashtag #OnlineLearningDay in your post, and make sure to tag us!

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Natalie Williams graduated from the University of Arkansas at Fayetteville with a focus in communication and public relations. She serves as a content creator for education blog posts, teacher and parent spotlights, and strategy for Proximity Learning social medias. Natalie is a current graduate student studying international relations and communication and is proud to work in her hometown of Austin, TX.

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