July Featured Virtual Teachers Help Students Thrive

Jordan Blossom
August 28, 2021

At Proximity Learning, we know that certified, virtual teachers can be hard to find. We are thankful to have a team of over 700 teachers who are passionate about their work and care about the success of their students. Each Monday during the Proximity Learning leadership meeting, we feature one of our awesome virtual teachers to help remind our whole team why we do what we do; livestream certified teachers in pursuit of greater educational equity.

Our selected teachers share their experiences from providing online education through Proximity and why they teach.

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Casey Harris:

Meet Casey Harris, a high school science virtual teacher at Proximity Learning. For one of her environmental systems classes last year, Casey set up an in-class debate on environmental impact. She recalls, “watching them actually take charge and really roll with it and use the vocabulary we learned and become so engaged in the debate was one of the best experiences I have ever had.

Casey works with her students to adapt online education to how they learn. Students in her classes prefer to work collaboratively on projects so that they can demonstrate their knowledge. This includes virtual posters, live debates, multimedia presentations, and more. For her classes, she saves exams for midterms and finals. 

Casey uses tools like Nearpod to run her class. She focuses on engaging students by putting the ball in their court and allowing them to ask questions of each other.

“What do I love most about being a teacher… I really like those ah-ha moments. I love seeing them do multimedia presentations and realize that they got it… they totally got it, and they are showing me that they got it. I get so much joy from that. That’s what I love most about being a teacher.”

Check out her full video here.

Darcia Chambers:

During Darcia’s first year as a science teacher with Proximity Learning, she was dealing with the academic needs and emotional needs of her students. Once she shared her experience of navigating the pandemic with her students, it helped them feel more comfortable and created a foundation of openness inside her remote learning classroom. Darcia recalls, “Once we were able to have a foundation of honesty, then our culture in our virtual classroom built up from there.” 

Darcia loves teaching because she loves the kids, and believes that as a teacher, it is her responsibility to build them up. She enjoys working with young people and wants them to be able to reach their full potential.

Check out her full video here.

Chathena Blair

Chathena Blair is entering into her 2nd year of teaching with Proximity Learning and said, “It has been a great experience.” 

One of her favorite things to do in her virtual teaching environment is gamifying lessons, quizzes, and more to engage students and bring out their competitive nature. Through interactive lessons, students can have fun, and it can allow Chathena to see if students are applying and retaining what they are learning. 

Chathena enjoys being a support to students by allowing them to be heard and understood. When she taught in a traditional setting, she used to do open mike Fridays so students could present their writing and get feedback on content and sentence structure. As Chathena continues with Proximity Learning, she will continue implementing interactive ways to allow her students to grow.

Check out her full video here.

Stephanie Eaton

Stephanie has been teaching with Proximity Learning since 2019. In her virtual math classroom, she engages her students through innovative techniques. One of her favorite tools is using whiteboard chats to see her student’s work in action. 

Stephanie admires her students’ willingness to advocate for each other and themselves and fight for justice. Stephanie said, “Watching them learn how to advocate for themselves and for others is my favorite thing about being a teacher right now.”

Check out her full video here.

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Jordan Blossom

Jordan Blossom is Proximity Learning’s Communications Manager. He has seven years of experience working in communications and marketing spanning K-12, higher education, and executive education environments. As a Boston-to-Austin transplant, he appreciates Central Texas’ relative lack of blizzards. Jordan studied Digital Media and Professional Communications at the University of Pittsburgh.

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