February Featured Virtual Teachers Connect Through EdTech

Chelsea Penney
March 17, 2022

Proximity Learning teachers value connection and learning above all else. As virtual educators, they leverage technology to create meaningful relationships with their students. They cherish the opportunity to watch them grow and thrive in the classroom using interactive tools and personal attention. 

Amanda Settle

Amanda Settle teaches virtual 5th graders in Virginia. She thrives on relationship building with her students because “It fosters a safe environment for the students to work in.” Mrs. Settle uses ClassDojo to keep her students on task and to provide fun, innovative ways to increase participation. When her students reached 1,000 points in the program, they had a stuffed animal party. The reward allowed her and the whole virtual class to get to know each other better. 

See how Mrs. Settle uses ClassDojo.

Haley Slivka

ELA teacher Haley Slivka taught in brick and mortar schools for four years before transitioning to virtual teaching three years ago. This combination of experience allows her to blend teaching styles and personalize learning in her student-centered classroom. She loves engaging students through reading by helping them find stories they can relate to. Ms. Slivka creates a community within her virtual classroom by being a consistent role model in their lives.

Hear more from Ms. Slivka here.

Jacqueline Hatherly

Remote Science teacher Jaqueline Hatherly respects her students’ endurance and resilience during the constantly changing tides of the pandemic. She loves witnessing those ah-ha moments in the chatbox when students voice their learning. Ms. Hatherly finds meaning in helping students reach their academic and career goals. 

Watch Ms. Hatherly's story.

Shelda Kirkland

Secondary teacher Shelda Kirkland has vast experience working with at-risk students which translates to being their supportive cheerleader. She believes in bright futures for every student, even if they don’t yet believe in themselves. “Their potential is limitless.” She fosters accountability by giving personalized attention to the students who need her most. Through years of experience teaching, Ms. Kirkland has learned how to empower her students to take charge of their own education.

Hear Ms. Kirkland's inspiring story.

Catherine Graven

Every day, Catherine Graven starts her classes with share time to connect with her students and help them focus in class. Ms. Graven loves to keep up to date with new EdTech to help her teach effectively. Her current favorite free online learning tool is Blooket because it has the most interactive resources. She loves seeing students grow in confidence as they practice new skills in her classroom. 

Hear Ms. Graven's inspiration.

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