99% of School Districts Receive Responsive Customer Support with Teacher Shortage Solutions

Chelsea Penney
May 17, 2023

Quarterly Customer Survey Results Show Customers are Likely to Recommend Proximity Learning’s Livestreamed Solutions

Austin, TX May 17, 2023 Proximity Learning Inc., a virtual education company that specializes in offering live K-12 instructional solutions from certified teachers, releases the findings of its quarterly customer satisfaction survey for the 2022-23 school year. 

Dedicated to providing impactful livestreaming teaching solutions to both in-person and virtual schools, this survey was developed to gauge overall satisfaction with their K-12 education, tutoring, and summer school certified teacher staffing services as well as their customer service. To gather results, customers respond to a survey each quarter which enables Proximity Learning to gain insights from the schools' perspectives and focus on continuous improvement. 

Overall results revealed that district partners continue to find Proximity Learning’s programs user-friendly and high-quality which makes them satisfied and likely to recommend services to other school administrators. The responses from this survey also show that customers have experienced continued refinements that enhanced onboarding, software, curriculum, and customer service, positively affecting the client experience. 

Survey findings include:

  • Approximately 90% of clients shared that they received quality onboarding and implementation 
  • 99% of clients said customer service was responsive to questions/concerns

“At Proximity Learning, we are committed to providing equality in education to students across the US by giving schools and students live access to certified teachers through synchronous online instruction. It is results like these that continue to get us excited, as they are proving that not only is live virtual learning an effective way to extend educational equity, it is a solution that is resulting in academic success and highly satisfied district leaders. We value every customer’s response to this quarterly survey, and are committed to ongoing innovations and improvements to best serve our district partners,” says Evan Erdberg, Proximity Learning CEO. 

This quarterly survey also uncovered customer testimonials supporting the overall satisfaction results, including: 

  • “Thank you for providing our students with an A+ experience!” 
  • “I love working with Proximity and would like to see it in more Schools/Institutions.” 
  • “We are thankful to have content presented to our students from licensed educators.”
  • “Proximity Learning has been very responsive when dealing with an at-risk student. I am very pleased with their compassion.” 

Watch district administrators describe their experiences working with Proximity Learning. 

For more information on Proximity Learning’s live virtual teaching services and teacher shortage solutions, read their eBook Live Virtual Instruction: Raising the Bar (and the Grades) for Online Education.

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Proximity Learning provides live K-12 virtual teaching services strategically curated to keep students engaged and excelling. Committed to providing equality in education across the US, Proximity Learning’s livestreamed solutions offer schools quick and easy access to highly trained and certified teachers to expand courses or fill even the hardest-to-fill positions. Dedicated to quality education, Proximity Learning teachers leverage top-tier technology and customizable curriculum to provide a hands-on and interactive learning experience that ensures high academic achievement. In business for more than 14 years, Proximity Learning is a long-term partner that delivers long-term results.

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