5 Tips for Facilitators

Chelsea Penney
February 22, 2024

Certified live virtual teachers are an excellent solution to the teacher shortage crisis because students can learn from content experts every day, instead of relying on a long-term substitute. Because they stream their lessons remotely, live instruction teachers rely on facilitators, or teaching assistants, to manage the classroom. The partnership between the in-classroom facilitator and the synchronous teacher is essential to student success. 

When they work closely, communicate effectively, and collaborate, teachers and facilitators can give students the high-quality education they deserve. Read on to learn best practices for TAs to ensure positive student outcomes.

Stop, Collaborate, and Listen

  1. Communicate with the live instruction teacher

    Reach out daily to discuss the plan for each day and ask how you can be supportive of the lesson from inside the classroom. While the certified teacher writes the lessons and delivers the instruction, you will manage the classroom, troubleshoot tech issues, and hand out materials.
    Make sure the teacher is informed about each student’s situation, especially if they require extra care. You are their connection to the classroom, so you play an important role in maintaining clear communication and facilitating relationship building.

  2. Work together to do what’s best for students

    Bring ideas to the table. Initiate new techniques like leading small group instruction with advanced students while the teacher works with a small group that needs further explaination. Be prepared by knowing what concepts are coming up and telling the teacher what supplies are already available in the classroom. Generally, be the partner you want to have to build a mutual respect.

  3. Build trust with students

    You are face-to-face with students everyday, so you have a unique opportunity to build trust with each student. When they trust and respect you, they will be open to the learning environment. They will be more engaged with the lessons when they feel safe.
    Furthermore, students will have greater trust in the virtual teacher because they can communicate directly with them or through interactions with you. Modeling your professional relationship with the teacher allows students to build rapport with them as well.

  4. Be the connecter between the teacher, administration, and parents

    Because you are in the physical classroom, you can update the teacher with news from the administration and connect the teacher to parents if they have questions. Keep each other updated. Just having open conversations about administration and parents keeps you and the teacher on the same page. From there, it is easy to work toward the same goals, appeasing administration and parents as a team.

  5. Execute the plan with support

    Lastly, help the teacher’s vision come to life. They provide the content knowledge and plans, but you are an essential part of seeing the plan come to fruition. Without your support, the teacher will likely be less effective. Tell them when you need training on a program or help facilitating an activity. They will share resources, so you can grow together. 

Facilitators are essential to the success of live online instruction. Thank you for being the puzzle piece that completes the big picture. You are doing important work, ensuring students receive quality instruction from a certified teacher. As a professional, you are a valued member of the Proximity Learning community, and we hope you always feel supported and empowered to innovate in the classroom. 

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