Teacher Excellence

Our teachers set the bar for outstanding virtual instruction. From training and evaluations to spotlights and collaboration, our teachers immerse themselves in the virtual education world.

CONSTANT feedback

Teacher Observations

Every single week, we observe teachers and provide feedback with additional resources. This process ensures teachers are always performing at a level of excellence that meets our high standards. Our administrators conduct observations for our virtual teachers - that's one fewer task for your campus administration to complete!

clear standards


We evaluate our teachers using the National Virtual Teacher Association (NVTA) rubrics. From walkthroughs to formal observations, NVTA has created national standards for virtual teaching to ensure every child receives the high-quality virtual education they deserve. We implement these rubrics with fidelity and ensure that every one of our teachers is held accountable for delivering virtual instruction most effectively.


Professional Development

At Proximity Learning, not only do we provide intensive training for all of our educators, but we also offer additional bi-weekly professional development (PD) aligned with the NVTA rubric to continue the development and mastery of our teachers. By engaging our teachers in meaningful PD grounded in the NVTA five domains of virtual instruction, we create a population of educators who understand how to create virtual labs and model the lifelong learner philosophy for their students.

Additionally, we provide quarterly team PD opportunities to continue to strengthen the quality of our teachers according to the standards set forth by NVTA and observational data.



Not only are our teachers state-certified, but we have an increasing number of those with the National Virtual Teacher Certification. This certification is indicative of a teacher who has completed a university-accredited course, demonstrating excellence in the virtual education setting as evidenced by a comprehensive portfolio. Through a combination of readings, discussion boards, essays, videos, and project-based activities, teachers complete every lesson at the rigor of graduate coursework, then evaluated by a panel of experts. We trust the NVTA's process to create world-class virtual educators through their certification course.

Teachers with a certification from NVTA have earned a great accomplishment that sets them apart from any other teacher in the virtual classroom. The NVTA certification is approved in states across the country for 50 Continuing Education/Professional Development credits - Adams State University has also approved the course for three graduate credits. Teachers have up to nine months to complete the practical course before immediately applying what they learn to the virtual classroom.

Collaboration and ongoing Support

The Proximity Learning Connected Community

Proximity Learning teachers have the opportunity to create a professional learning community to share ideas and best practices. Additionally, teachers meet with their colleagues virtually to discuss problems and solutions in their classrooms.

Our teachers also work with their students outside of class time via email to ensure their students are successful. They go above and beyond to engage students through multiple strategies and utilize additional instructional resources such as NearPod. They also have students work in collaborative breakout rooms and collaborative documents, making teacher feedback easier.


While all of our teachers are high-performing, we love to recognize those who have taken teaching to the next level. Our teachers are spotlighted based on observations and enabled to create and lead a professional development session for their colleagues.

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