The Oracle campus. CC-BY Håkan Dahlström, filtered by modelviewculture

Believe it or not, Oracle, the American multinational computer technology giant, is putting a $43 million high school on its lush campus with a man-made lake in Redwood Shores, California.

Tech companies are typically known for shipping laptops, online writing programs and even learn-to-code lessons to public schools, but Oracle defied the norm by instead bringing the public charter school to the company.

Work is being finalized on the $43 million building that will house Design Tech High School, an existing charter school with 550 students. This luxurious new school building will house a two-story workshop space, called the Design Realization Garage, where students will be able to create product prototypes.

The school plans to move in early January; Once moved, Oracle employees will be available to mentor students in skills like business plan development and UX (user-experience) design.

“It’s really cool that Oracle is doing this,” said Matthew Silverman, 16, a junior at the school. “We can have more opportunities to learn from experience.”

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